Arts and Crafts: Make your own Sonic Origins Genesis box, manual and cartridge!

Fool your friends, be the envy of your enemies (or vice versa) with the Sonic Origins SEGA Genesis paper craft! I did it for Sonic 4 Episode 1, Sonic 4 Episode 2, Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania. So it only makes sense for me to do it again for Sonic Origins!

The process is pretty easy. Print out the images below, slip the cover in a Genesis case, tape or glue the label on a Genesis cartridge and fold and place the manual inside the case. I like to use old sports games, but you can use any old Genesis game case that you wish. Have fun!

Fan Made: Sonic Mania Physical Release Box Art Round-Up

sonic mania fan art

Sonic Mania has fast become the most hotly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog games in years, in large part because it is not only the return of classic Sonic but also the return to the graphics and gameplay that made the series so popular in the early to mid 1990s. While Sonic Mania is releasing to all major modern platforms, the development team has described the game as Saturn-esque with several fans taking things a step further and declaring Sonic Mania the Sonic Saturn game we never got but always wanted.

While we won’t actually be seeing Sonic Mania on the SEGA Saturn or the Mega Drive/Genesis, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own custom box art that can be printed out, trimmed and applied to an old Saturn or Mega Drive/Genesis case of your choosing! After the break, check out the fan made box art we’ve found online and in the comments share your own custom box art.

Sonic the Hedgehog paper craft up for pre-order


Ami Ami, the largest Japanese internet figure shop, has put a new product up for pre-order. A Sonic the Hedgehog paper craft. So what do you get with the product? I assume the printed out full color high quality paper and instructions on how to assemble the figurine. They said you can make the figure above in 10 minutes without using scissors or glue.

The figure will be 11cm tall and will cost you 630 yen (About $8 USD), doesn’t include stuff like taxes or shipping and handling. It will get release mid-November. It takes time to print paper.  Yes, Ami Ami does ship world wide.

[Source: AmiAmi]
[Thanks: dhjfgh via e-mail]