Fan Made: Sonic Mania Physical Release Box Art Round-Up

sonic mania fan art

Sonic Mania has fast become the most hotly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog games in years, in large part because it is not only the return of classic Sonic but also the return to the graphics and gameplay that made the series so popular in the early to mid 1990s. While Sonic Mania is releasing to all major modern platforms, the development team has described the game as Saturn-esque with several fans taking things a step further and declaring Sonic Mania the Sonic Saturn game we never got but always wanted.

While we won’t actually be seeing Sonic Mania on the SEGA Saturn or the Mega Drive/Genesis, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own custom box art that can be printed out, trimmed and applied to an old Saturn or Mega Drive/Genesis case of your choosing! After the break, check out the fan made box art we’ve found online and in the comments share your own custom box art.


Made by yours truly, it’s the Sonic Mania US Saturn box art. Inspired by Sonic Jam, Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast, this long box design comes complete with cover art which folds to create a faux manual featuring some additional official Sonic Mania art on the back. The rear art features SEGA’s own game description and additional official art of the characters. This design pairs well with Sonic Jam and Sonic CD on your shelf. The downloadable files are 300 dpi CMYK and feature two styles with two variations: a gray and white stripe style and an all white style (none of the US Saturn releases of Sonic games had the gray and white stripes despite the design being used with several Saturn games). These two styles then have Dr. Eggman and Dr. Robotnik spelling variants on the rear description. I also made Sonic 4 Episodes 1&2 Genesis cover art a while back, for those interested.

Download the US SEGA Saturn Sonic Mania Box Art Files Here

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.12.54 AM

From Sonic & SEGA community member Linkabel comes Sonic Mania SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive box art. For those who want the classic Sonic games to share a shelf with Sonic Mania, this is the design for you. Linkabel notes that for those with the Sonic Mania Introduction Manual, this design pairs well. It is unknown at this time if the faux cartridge included in the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition will fit inside a Genesis/Mega Drive case.

Download the US and PAL SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive Sonic Mania Box Art Files Here


From Tracker is Sonic Mania Japanese Saturn box art. The cover and rear design is completed, and Tracker is working on a full manual to go with the cover design. You can track Tracker’s manual progress on Twitter. In the meantime you can download the cover art, rear cover art and spine card below!

Download the Japanese SEGA Saturn Sonic Mania Box Art Files Here

Have a design of your own? Need printing assistance? Spot a spelling error? Sound off in the comments below!



4 responses to “Fan Made: Sonic Mania Physical Release Box Art Round-Up

  1. Felipe Silva says:

    I’m from Brazil and i love the old covers from TecToy, then i have made a Sonic Mania Cover using this design. The Cover is in Portuguese and i’m very happy with the result. The Template is for Universal Game Case.

  2. iam16bit says:

    These look fantastic! Though I’m surprised they didn’t make a classic Genesis version.

  3. cloud says:

    great Mr. Felipe, this cover in portuguese version it´s fantastic!! very thanks

  4. Nick Maida says:

    I’m going to get that Saturn one printed off and get it into a blank case. Thank you for the file and talent!!

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