Rumor: Is Rhythm Thief selling out in North America?

In what looks like happy news for Sega, it appears Rhythm Thief is selling well in the USA and Canada. Mind you, this is going by only a few local incidences. Such as the Player One Podcast’s Greg Stewart mentioning that he could not find a copy at any store near him and that at the time of the recording, was completely sold out with third paty sellers wanting $12 over MSRP.

Well, I did a little digging myself, and it turns out most of the GameStops near me are either sold out or low in stock (mostly low). Also, in the US is completely sold out as well and relying on third party sellers. Keep in mind that it’s highly likely Sega only produced a low supply of the game for N/A retail after seeing how poorly it did in Europe and that’s why we’re seeing these copies run out. Still, it shows a strong demand for the game which is only good news for SoA. Those either on the fence or waiting for a price drop might want to consider picking up a copy sooner than later.