Rumor: Is Rhythm Thief selling out in North America?

In what looks like happy news for Sega, it appears Rhythm Thief is selling well in the USA and Canada. Mind you, this is going by only a few local incidences. Such as the Player One Podcast’s Greg Stewart mentioning that he could not find a copy at any store near him and that at the time of the recording, was completely sold out with third paty sellers wanting $12 over MSRP.

Well, I did a little digging myself, and it turns out most of the GameStops near me are either sold out or low in stock (mostly low). Also, in the US is completely sold out as well and relying on third party sellers. Keep in mind that it’s highly likely Sega only produced a low supply of the game for N/A retail after seeing how poorly it did in Europe and that’s why we’re seeing these copies run out. Still, it shows a strong demand for the game which is only good news for SoA. Those either on the fence or waiting for a price drop might want to consider picking up a copy sooner than later.


10 responses to “Rumor: Is Rhythm Thief selling out in North America?

  1. SMT Xero says:

    I had to check 5 eb games retailers in canada to find a copy. and it wzs the ladt one too!

  2. Beat says:

    RubyEclipse said initial sales of the game have been “promising.” The game also is one of the top 5 best selling 3DS games on Gamestop’s online store right now. It’s been getting very good reviews so expect the sales to soar once it gets a price drop. I think there’s a chance that the game can pull off being a decent seller!

  3. -nSega54- says:

    It’s definitely true that supply was limited; in my experience the game seems to be sold at pretty much Gamestop and online retailers like exclusively, and when I picked it up at Gamestop it was the only one they had received aside from 1 preorder.

    Still, it selling out in limited release can only be a good thing. It means the game’s meeting or even exceding expectations. Would have been nice if more people got to play it, but if demand continues maybe Sega’ll do another print run.

  4. SkyBlue says:

    How can something be strong demand when there was a small print run anyway? That makes no sense.

    Good to hear its sold out but still…

  5. SOUP says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it. I pre-ordered my copy on months ago, and it still hasn’t shipped out.

  6. DCGX says:

    EB/Gamestop’s website here in the US has it available for shipping within 48 hours (which is normal), and the eight Gamestops around me have it in stock albeit low stock.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    “How can something be strong demand when there was a small print run anyway? That makes no sense.”

    If there weren’t enough copies produced to allow for everyone who wants the game to buy it, then yeah, that’s the definition of demand exceeding supply.

  8. matty says:

    I’m still waiting for a reprint of Infinite Space. That summa’bitch goes for nearly 60 bucks at some spots.

  9. Tanner says:

    i love sega to death i also had to go to 3 different games stops here in austin texas they didnt even know what i was talking about i had to force them to look it up but i did get it and on launch day too!!!!

  10. Hyde99X says:

    I STILL haven’t been able to find a copy of this game anywhere in my city. I went to the EB Games, Gamestop, Walmart, Future Shop, and just about anywhere in my city that stocked 3DS games and asked if they had any in. None of them had ever received a single copy of the game, let alone heard about it. It didn’t show up in their stock list or incoming stock lists either. I tried several places on Amazon to get it, but none of them shipped to Canada! Only a few minutes ago did I find one that did. Lucky me.

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