SEGA Sammy third quarter review for fiscal year ending 2020

It’s that time again! Okay, so financial reports may seem boring to some, but if you are a SEGA fan, reading these things is vitally important. Knowing how well (or how poorly) certain divisions did dictates how SEGA Sammy moves forward as a company. After the break to find out how the company’s latest set of financials turned out as they released the third quarter results for the fiscal year 2020.

Breaking down and explaining the SEGA Sammy Q3 2013 results

Numbers nerds rejoice, SEGA has released their 3rd quarter earnings for 2013! Of course, to the average SEGA fan, it’s a lot to take in and a bit difficult to work out the positives and negatives. Thankfully, the SEGAbits community has members who know their stuff. So a big thanks to Aki-at for sharing the news and making sense of the many PDFs. Overall net profits currently stand at ¥3 billion (£20,433,810/$32,003,400), this is from an original ¥7 billion which dropped to ¥3 billion due to costs. SEGA arcade sales operating profits were ¥2,6 billion (£17,742,998/$27,993,160) while the consumer division profited ¥519 million (£3,541,775.37/$5,587,865.40) and arcade centers profited ¥984 million (£6,715,042.32/$10,594,334.40).

Sammy, meanwhile, recorded ¥7.7 billion operating profits (£52,512,691/$82,168,240), a decrease from last year’s ¥71 billion (£483,600,170/$757,413,800). It is important to note, however, that the arcade division had no new major titles being sold and that some pachislot machines were delayed. A Fist of the Northstar pachislot machine was forecasted to sell over 200,000 units. As such, numbers were adjusted to account for this changing the net income projection down from  ¥40 billion to ¥12 billion.

SEGA-Sammy Q3: $451 million in net income

SEGA-Sammy has posted a net income of ¥36,821 million (about $451 million), that’s 117.3% increased compared to last year. So what branch of SEGA made the most money? Not a big surprise. Pachinco/Pachislots division ranked in ¥54,666 million(about $670 million) operating income.

Coming in at a hot second was Amusement Machine Sales, which had a operating income of ¥8,458 million (about $103 million). Guess who isn’t losing money and didn’t come dead last? Consumer Business (SEGA you know and love, they make those games you play). They brought in an operating income of ¥2,811 million(about $34 million). Congrats SEGA!