Sonic Prime sneak peek gives us the story of how Sonic met Tails, Roblox premiere announced

Sonic Prime, the Netflix animated series which sees video game Sonic entering a multiverse of realities, is set to release December 15, 2022. However, fans can get an advance look in two places! First, the embedded video above, which details a scene in which Sonic meets shatterverse Tails. The scene is interesting, as it details the moment Sonic met Tails, which matches up with the same scene that played out in this year’s Sonic Origins. Ian Flynn, scenario writer for the game’s cutscenes, had said at the time that the meeting was the new game canon of the historic event. However, the fact that Sonic Prime, which is releasing less than a year after the game, is retelling the story is a clear sign that SEGA is serious about Sonic canon connecting across media. Heck, we might see other game events referenced in the series, which is exciting!

So how does one see the first episode before the Netflix premiere? Roblox of course. That’s right, the first episode will be shown on Saturday, December 10th at 10am EST in Sonic Speed Simulator. Weird venue, but cool. Will you be checking out the premiere?

SEGA and Gamefam announces Sonic Speed Simulator for Roblox

UPDATE: Check out gameplay footage on GameFam Studios Twitter

Today, Gamefam and SEGA announced Sonic Speed Simulator for Roblox, bringing the iconic blue blur to the platform for the first time ever. This marks the first time a world-renowned AAA gaming character has been officially featured on the platform.

Sonic Speed Simulator is the fastest game in Roblox and players will be able to level up and gain speed by running through multiple unique worlds while racing against friends to earn rewards. Players can also expect regular weekly updates and earn an exclusive community Sonic the Hedgehog skin once the game has received 10,000 “likes” from players.

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