Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie News: Knuckles, GUN and Robotnik Revealed!

The sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is currently shooting in Canada and those lucky enough to be living in or visiting Fort Langley have been seeing a lot of what will end up on screen. We’re a bit late to the news, so I figured a roundup of what has been revealed is in order. First up, as seen above, Knuckles is confirmed to be in the movie as revealed via CGI stand-ins used for lighting and framing references. Designs for Sonic and Tails appear to be retained, and it also appears that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be using the Sonic Boom rule of Knuckles being taller than all the other animal characters.

SEGA News Bits: We Leak Jim Carrey as Robotnik in the Sonic Movie

On this SEGA News Bits, things go full circle as we become the very SEGA news we cover! That’s right, a reader sent us a news tip that the Sonic movie trailer will release on April 30th and we got a look at Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik. So we did what any fan site with an ounce of sense would do and tweeted it out. We discuss the Robotnik’s look, the internet’s reaction and how our tweet blew up and appeared on tons of entertainment news sites.

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Check out this Sonic the Hedgehog hack, the prequel “Dr.Robotnik’s Creature Capture”!!

Ever wonder how Eggman captures all those little animals and stuffs them into a capsule? A recently released hack of Sonic the Hedgehog answers this question with “Dr.Robotnik’s Creature Capture”! The game has you, as Robotnik aka Eggman, running about the first Sonic the Hedgehog’s stages catching animals with a net and placing them in a capsule. Once the capsule is full, you must find the sign post and turn it from Sonic to Robotnik, thus setting the stage for Sonic the Hedgehog. Hurry and fill that capsule before Sonic begins his own game! So in essence, it’s a prequel.

You can find the game at, so give it a play and if you’re inclined to leave them a comment, let them know SEGAbits sent you.

Five Great Santas in SEGA History

Consider this a SEGAbits exclusive: Santa is real! Yes, as it turns out the annual gift giver is the real deal. All those Santas we see at malls? They’re just the middle men. They’re the guys that report to the real Santa. How about all those variations we see of Santa in the media? This is a marketing effort on the real Santa’s part to keep his image alive. Proof of this exists everywhere, but today I thought I’d highlight five notable Santas in SEGA history. After the break, we reveal our Claus.