Eat at McDonalds, get a chance to win Sega E-Store money, games or Sonic comic

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce and stop the presses!

In “late because I didn’t hear about it until now” news, McDonalds has been having a “Win USA wins, you win!” contest going on. It appears one of the many prizes you could win is $10 in Sega E-Store money. After checking the official contest site, it looks like you also have a chance at the two Sega London 2012 games (including Mario and Sonic) along with a Sonic comic about the Olympics. Appearently with an exclusive cover. Better get a move on, as the final events are this Sunday! Man, I wished I’d have known sooner.

So the good news is, you may win some Sega money! The bad news is, you have to eat at McDonalds. XP