Support SEGA’s Hope For Japan by playing SEGA Play! Baseball

SEGA Of America is pouring their hearts (and a lot of money) to help out Japan after the huge earthquake/tsunami crisis last month. It’s a great thing, and they have sure helped out a lot of people with their huge auctioning off of rare swag, as well as donations from Football Manager, Sonic, and Kingdom Conquest. Now, you can help some more by buying two Japanese items to decorate your stadium or team in SEGA Play! Baseball, available here.

[Source: SEGA]

‘SEGA PLAY! Baseball’ Officially Launches on Facebook

The SEGA Facebook game ‘SEGA PLAY! Baseball’ has officially launched for English speaking users! Announced back in February, SEGA PLAY! Baseball allows Facebook users to create and maintain their own baseball team, training them to become major league champions. The game features a large amount of customizable content, from team name and colors to designing your own personal avatar and decorating your stadium. I currently am shooting for a dinosaur and sunflower theme.