The SEGA Five: SEGA Games That Would Thrive in Virtual Reality

SEGAVRWhile not every single gamer is sold on Virtual Reality just yet, mostly due to the fact that it is rather expensive to even get a headset and compatible computer, the people that have experienced it all think its the future of gaming. While this is still open to debate, what I do know is that Virtual Reality has opened the door for older types of genres that SEGA pioneered in their long history to thrive. So today on The SEGA Five we will be discussing five genres that SEGA can revive with the help of Virtual Reality.

Before we get started I just want to say that these ideas are to make the games Virtual Reality compatible and not exclusive. I think this would mean that more gamers will be able to enjoy the games, VR headset or not.  The number of gamers with Virtual Reality headsets is too low to spend money on exclusives right now. So let’s get to it.

Racing Apex channels AM2’s low polygon Virtua Racing art style

Back in the early to mid 90s SEGA and AM2 dominated the arcade racing market with their low polygon racing games including Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, SEGA Rally, and many more. Sadly SEGA has sorta abandoned the racing market in recent years, doesn’t mean that indie developers have forgotten especially the Racing Apex developers.

This isn’t the first ‘SEGA arcade racing’ inspired game we have seen in recent years, do you guys recall Drift Stage and Slipstream? According to the developers Racing Apex will take art styles from late 80s to early 90s arcade titles and add modern gameplay elements like multiplayer. Racing Apex will feature 8 playable racers, over 30 playable vehicles and over 16 tracks to race on. Racing Apex will feature items sort of like a kart racing game that includes stuff like Duel Gatling Guns and Smoke. The game will also have a ton of game modes including Arcade, Cat and Mouse, Bomb Tag, and much more. Check their site for more information.


Check out the SEGA Rally Online Arcade trailer

Check that out! What a great trailer for Sega Rally Online Arcade! It’s quirky, it’s fun… It sums up the simple joy of SEGA Rally a treat!

Sega Rally Online Arcade is out NOW on XBLA and PSN (The Playstation Store is still down) for only 800 MS Points it’s a bloody steal, Awesome!

Sega Rally Online Arcade Anyone?

‘Sega Rally Online Arcade’ has turned up on the Korean Game Rating Board. It was filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea. The date of classification was January 26th, and the game is rated appropriate for all ages.

The name seems to suggest that it might follow in the footsteps of ‘OutRun Online Arcade’ which was a port of AM2’s ‘OutRun 2’ to XBLA and PSN by British developer Sumo Digital. OutRun Online Arcade featured single player modes but the main focus was the addition of 8 player online vs. mode.

If I was to hazard a guess I would say that Sega Rally Online Arcade may be a port of the 2008 game Sega Rally 3 which was built on the Sega Rally ‘Revo’ engine. Sega Rally 3 has only been released in Arcades so far but featured many of the same tracks as Sega Rally for Xbox360 and PS3. I wouldn’t say no to this as I really enjoyed Sega Rally on Xbox360 (when playing with bumper cam.)

If this all pans out how, I seriously hope Daytona USA or should I say Sega Racing Classic Online Arcade is to follow!

Sega Rally car in real life!

A member of the AtariAge forum has ‘pimped his ride’ turning his plain white Toyota Celica into a replica of the Sega Rally Celica ST205 GT-Four.

“Every time you drive a car in a video game, you want it just a little. Age, make, model, condition — when you’re spanking something across a digital landscape, none of these things matter. And if you owned an ST205-chassis Celica and happened to be a game freak, you’d probably think about doing something like this.”

Make sure to check out more info and pictures of the car HERE!