Rare English version of SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter ROM released publicly online

Everybody loves a good dump, especially when it comes to ROMs. Twitter user @iamamazing100 has announced that a rare English version of the 1993 arcade game SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter has been dumped and is now publicly available online. The game is not playable just yet, as it must be added to MAME, however @iamamazing100 has shared the audio files which showcase a very funny Superman style voice for Sonic the Hedgehog as well as Eggman’s voice, which oddly is more befitting for Sonic. It’s great to see that after 30 years we still are seeing new old Sonic content being uncovered!

Once the game is playable on MAME, we’ll be sure to news it! 

Rare SegaSonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter game dumped


MAMEWorld has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the well known arcade emulator MAME with a dump of several arcade games. One of the games is the rare SegaSonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter from an anonymous donator. The original game was a vertical shooter that as the name suggests stars Sonic the Hedgehog as he has to shoot down Dr. Robotnik and his robots in space. The arcade cabinet was originally a Japanese exclusive, with the monitor having an interesting “swaying” effect as you play the game. SegaSonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter is comparable to Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car in terms of presentation.

This dumping means that as of this point, all known Sonic arcade games have been dumped in some way or another. However, the ROM of the game is not available publicly as of this writing, meaning currently it’s not possible to play the game yourself using MAME. Still, the fact a game like SegaSonic Cosmo Galaxy Fighter and the many other games recently donated being dumped means they won’t be lost to the trials of time.

[Source: MAMEWorld]