Total War series sells 11 million within the last 6 years


SEGA has announced their critical acclaimed series Total War has managed to sell 11 million units between the previous 5 installments (Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, Rome II and Attila) and a further 18 million units of DLC sold. What’s interesting to note is due to the fact that Attila is so new, it is almost assuredly that the majority of the 11 million sales is actually made up of 4 titles, showcasing just how popular the series is. Furthermore SEGA revealed that the first week sales in the UK for the latest Total War title, Attila, were 21,680 units with 81% of the sales coming from digital.

Speaking to MVC, Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew said;

“Since the release of Total War: Napoleon in 2010, we’ve built a great tradition of standalone follow-ups to our major titles, and it’s great to see Attila so well-received by fans and critics.

Globally we’re seeing this title reach double the sales of Napoleon in its first week and, as Creative Assembly’s home market, it’s heartening to see the UK taking its fair share of that success. With over a million people playing Total War each month now, it turns out there’s plenty of gamers who just want to watch the world burn. Who knew?”

Total War‘s impressive 1 million active users a month is surely another indication why SEGA, along with it’s life consuming Football Manager series, has been focusing so much on PC. As they continue to curve up a strong position in the PC market and with both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Arena on the horizon, this series will prove to be a key pillar for the SEGA’s growth and prosperity.

SEGA announces Total War SHOGUN 2 – Gold Edition

SEGA is fast becoming the king of real-time strategy games. Prior to the announcement of buying Relic, SEGA announced a Gold Edition of Total War SHOGUN 2. The release is set to include SHOGUN 2 (2011) and the expansions Rise of The Samurai (2011) and Fall of The Samurai (2012). Total War SHOGUN 2 Gold Edition is described as “a stunning collection that contains the entire saga from start to finish, and features hundreds of hours of award-winning strategy gaming.” So if you have yet to pick up the game, the Gold Edition sounds like an incredible all-in-one package. The game will be available at retailers from March 5th. After the break, check out the box art.

Total War: Shogun 2 Buddhist rebel DLC out today

SEGA has announced the first DLC for Total War: Shogun 2. The first piece is called the “The Ikko Ikki Clan pack” and it unlocks a Buddhist rebel faction called Ikko Ikki clan for single and multiplayer.

This will add a new agent type and eight unit variants. That is not all there are also ten new retainers, new steam achievements, original skill-tree for Ikko Ikki General, new historical battle, new avatar armor sets, more to unlock.

The DLC hit Steam today for the low price of $4.99. Hit the jump to see more screens and a press release.

Win travel vouchers and limited editions, thanks to Shogun 2

SEGA and The Creative Assembly have teamed up with British news giant The Guardian to deliver a grand prize of Expedia travel vouchers worth £2,500 and a limited edition of Shogun 2: Total War to one lucky person. Nine runners up will miss out on traveling the world, but will receive a limited edition of the game. Oh, and did we mention it’s only open to UK residents? Sorry, America.

Enter at the link below.

[Source: The Guardian]

SEGA Europe confirms 2011 titles

SEGA of Europe has confirmed some of their 2011 line up, yet missed to mention some titles that we all know are coming. Namely the PSN/XBLA games,  Sonic 3DS game, Sonic 20th anniversary game, Binary Domain, and a few unannounced projects hinted. Here is what they gave up though.

  • Conduit 2 – Wii February 2011
  • Shogun 2: Total War – PC 15th March 2011
  • Super Monkey Ball 3DS (Working title) – 2011
  • Virtua Tennis 4 – PS3 2011
  • Rise of Nightmares (Kinect) – Xbox 360 2011
  • Yakuza 4 – PS3 Spring 2011
  • Thor – Spring 2011 Xbox 360/Wii/PSP/PS3/DS
  • Captain America: Super Soldier – PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/DS – Summer 2011

Some AAA titles mixed with license titles that we will most likely hit ignore on. Seems like a confirmation of the first half of the year, hopefully fall is better.  Well,  what titles are you guys looking forward to?

[Source: NowGamer]

Shogun 2: Total War coming out this March

If you are one of those guys that owns a variety of Samurai swords, then you have probably been waiting for a sequel for Shogun: Total War since the original came out in June 2000. Well, now you only have to wait till March 15th, 2011. That is the global release date for the latest installment.

SEGA is using really awesome hype words like “enhanced full 3D battles” to describe the game. This is stuff that you can copyright and slap it on the cover of a game or you can just slap “bonerific gameplay” . Either way, pretty awesome.

[Source: SEGAblog]

Shogun 2: Total War screens would make Feudal Japan proud

This game puts you in the shoes of Daimyo, a clan leader that is trying to re-unite Japan. This game also features ship battles and of course land battles (depicted in the screens).

Shogun 2: Total War  is looking really nice, just makes me cringe knowing that I will probably have to upgrade my graphics card for this game. Game will be coming out next year, so maybe I do have plenty of time to upgrade.

GameKings Shogun 2 Total War interview

Here is a video interview with Kieran Brigden, communication manager for Shogun 2: Total War. The video interview was for GamesKings, a gaming show from Holland.

Even though the questions aren’t in English, the answered are. You know, the answers are that matters.

[Thanks: CrazyTails via e-mail]

Shogun 2 Total War – Battle Report #1

Jesus, the graphics in this game are amazing and this is only pre-alpha footage. Check out the first Battle Report for Shogun: Total War. You have 6 and a half minutes of pure gameplay bliss.

Looks like Creative Assembly has another winner on their hands. Now if only they would try doing another ‘action game’ that has as impressive graphics as this game….