Unboxing: Pix’n Love Sonic Origins Plus – Collectors Edition

After many months, the Pix’n Love Collectors Edition of Sonic Origins Plus has arrived! This big box edition went up for pre-order last year and it has been several months. But now fans have it in hand and I just had to make a quick unboxing video showing off all the cool items included. If you like what you see, the PS4, PS5 and Switch versions are still up for order and the bonus Mega Drive style case is included.

The SEGAbits SEGA & Sonic Holiday Gift Guide for Fans and your Fan Friends!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and like SEGA’s speedy blue mascot it’ll be here before you know it! In fact, it’s already here! Don’t fret, as we’re here to help you out with some gift giving ideas for the SEGA and Sonic fans in your life, or if you have some gift cards burning a hole in your pocket you might like some of our suggestions for yourself.

So read on as we take a look at the best SEGA and Sonic gifts on offer this holiday season!

Nintendo’s Top 30 downloaded games for 2023 features two Persona games, zero Sonic games

Nintendo has posted the most downloaded games on the Nintendo Switch so far for 2023. The list was really surprising, since it seems people are really buying re-releases of older games with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 and 2 made the rankings in the top ten. But on the SEGA side, the most interesting part is that the top 30 downloaded Nintendo Switch games, no Sonic the Hedgehog game made the list.

Though Atlus made the list twice with both Persona 4 Golden (13) and Persona 3 Portable (19) which I consider a big success for these re-releases. Why didn’t Sonic make the list? Good question, SEGA did release Sonic Origins Plus, it came out at the end of June which could mean that the game hasn’t had enough time to sell enough to make the top 30. I guess we will see in the end of the year when the list is re-released to see how that game performed. The surprising part is that Sonic Frontiers hasn’t continued to have the legs on Switch, what with all the free updates happening. I guess most Sonic gamers opted out to play it on beefier hardware?

Check out the top 30 downloaded Nintendo Switch Games for 2023 after the break:

Sonic Mania and Origins developer Headcannon confirmed to be working on Origins Plus, promises “updates and enhancements”

Sonic Origins Plus is due out just in time for Sonic’s 32nd anniversary and developer Headcannon, a software development and publishing business founded and run by Simon Thomley, is confirmed to be working on the updated release. Headcannon famously worked with Christian Whitehead on Sonic Mania, and Headcannon worked alongside SEGA on Sonic Origins last year. However, upon the game’s release Headcannon was not shy in criticizing some of the game’s bugs and performance issues.

Sonic Origins Plus officially announced with anniversary day release – Playable Amy Rose, Game Gear games and more!

SEGA has officially announced Sonic Origins Plus, which is an expanded physical release as well as digital upgrade for existing owners of the game. The compilation adds 12 Game Gear games, adds Amy Rose as a playable character in all four Genesis/Mega Drive and SEGA CD titles and adds Knuckles to Sonic CD. Also included will be all previously released DLC as well as a 20-page art book and reversible cover which features a SEGA Genesis design. The collection will be up for pre-order soon on PlayStation 5 and 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. After the break, check out the press release and some screenshots!

SEGA News Bits Live: NEW Sonic Frontiers & Origins Content

On this SEGA News Bits Live, Barry takes a look at leaked Sonic Origins Plus news and reviews the latest update to Sonic Frontiers. On the unboxing segment, Burger King’s new Sonic kid’s meal toys are detailed and Shadow finally is a juice bottle.

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Sonic Origins Plus appears on Korean video game rating site – What could the rerelease include?

A rating for Sonic Origins Plus has appeared on The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea website, potentially leaking the existence of an enhanced and expanded (and possibly physical) rerelease of last year’s Sonic Origins. Fans knew something has been in the works for the game, as various updates have been in the approval stages behind-the-scenes with nothing publicly released as of yet. Following the release of the digital-only retro compilation, SEGA sent out various surveys asking players to share their thoughts on the game and what sort of additions they’d like to see in a future update.