Sonic Origins Plus appears on Korean video game rating site – What could the rerelease include?

A rating for Sonic Origins Plus has appeared on The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea website, potentially leaking the existence of an enhanced and expanded (and possibly physical) rerelease of last year’s Sonic Origins. Fans knew something has been in the works for the game, as various updates have been in the approval stages behind-the-scenes with nothing publicly released as of yet. Following the release of the digital-only retro compilation, SEGA sent out various surveys asking players to share their thoughts on the game and what sort of additions they’d like to see in a future update.

While the Korean rating does not point to Plus being digital-only or also physical, remember that Sonic Mania Plus released a year after the digital-only Sonic Mania and arrived as a digital upgrade as well as a standalone digital release and a physical release with a reversible cover and art book. It is possible that Sonic Origins Plus follows a similar release strategy. Given Samba De Amigo: Dance Central was just revealed with a release at the end of June, the timing for Sonic Origins Plus could line up with a similar release window to coincide with Sonic’s anniversary on June 23rd.

As for what the update will include, aside from the obvious bug fixes, fans are speculating that Amy Rose could be playable in one or all of the games. Also, new challenge modes would be an easy addition. While games like Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast and Knuckles’ Chaotix had their soundtracks included in the jukebox and locations from the games made menu appearances, full-fledged Retro Engine remakes or at the very least emulated ROMs of the three games would certainly make Sonic Origins Plus worthy of a purchase. Especially given the 32X exclusive Knuckles’ Chaotix has never seen a port or remaster. Fans are also speculating the collection could feature newly revised music tracks for Sonic 3, or the original tracks themselves, though this is just wishful thinking.

It’s only a matter of time until we learn more, and in the meantime let us know what you’d like to see included in the rerelease!

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2 responses to “Sonic Origins Plus appears on Korean video game rating site – What could the rerelease include?

  1. Sk8 Again says:

    original music at last

  2. Mac User says:

    This would go great with Sonic Mania Plus. 😀 That’s a better combo than Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces by a freaking mile!

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