The SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show LIVE: Sonic 2022 in Review

As the year winds to a close, join us as we chat about all the Sonic the Hedgehog happenings in 2022! From the second movie to Sonic Origins, and Sonic Frontiers to Sonic Prime. What were the highlights and the lowlights, and what could SEGA learn going into 2023? We’ll discuss all this in a round table discussion featuring SEGAbits writer Dakota and Sonic Retro writer David the Lurker!

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Sonic Prime sneak peek gives us the story of how Sonic met Tails, Roblox premiere announced

Sonic Prime, the Netflix animated series which sees video game Sonic entering a multiverse of realities, is set to release December 15, 2022. However, fans can get an advance look in two places! First, the embedded video above, which details a scene in which Sonic meets shatterverse Tails. The scene is interesting, as it details the moment Sonic met Tails, which matches up with the same scene that played out in this year’s Sonic Origins. Ian Flynn, scenario writer for the game’s cutscenes, had said at the time that the meeting was the new game canon of the historic event. However, the fact that Sonic Prime, which is releasing less than a year after the game, is retelling the story is a clear sign that SEGA is serious about Sonic canon connecting across media. Heck, we might see other game events referenced in the series, which is exciting!

So how does one see the first episode before the Netflix premiere? Roblox of course. That’s right, the first episode will be shown on Saturday, December 10th at 10am EST in Sonic Speed Simulator. Weird venue, but cool. Will you be checking out the premiere?

New trailer for Sonic Prime explores Shatterspaces

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Sonic Prime, the streaming series set for a December 15th release date on Netflix. The new trailer details the show’s plot, including a very Sonic SatAM alternate reality where Eggman has completely taken over. Or should I say… EggMEN? The trailer also showcases several alternate worlds called Shatterspaces, which is likely going to contribute to the episodic nature of the show with a new Shatterspace each week.

Check out the trailer above and mark your calendar for December 15th!

Sonic Prime releases this winter to Netflix – watch the new teaser trailer now!

A new teaser for the upcoming Netflix animated series Sonic Prime has released, and with it we have confirmation of a winter release. The trailer itself shows Sonic racing Shadow while causing Big the Cat to fall over. Poor Big. Also teased is Doctor Eggman in a new mech and the show’s plot of reality being shattered. It’s all very “Into the Spider-Verse” of them, but still cool. Check out the trailer for yourself and drop your thoughts in the comments section.

Sonic Prime revealed in new Netflix After School trailer

We have our first look at the upcoming Netflix animated series Sonic Prime thanks to a trailer showcasing the new Netflix After School programming. The clip shows Sonic, in his modern game design, racing through Green Hill Zone and collecting rings. Sonic says “I know what you’re thinking, I’m good! And powerful, apparently. Jealous?” It is unknown who is voicing Sonic, but Colleen O’Shaughnessey has publicly stated she is not voicing Tails in the series.

Sonic Prime debuts on Netflix this fall!

SEGA Announces Partnership With JAKKS Pacific For Netflix Series Sonic Prime

SEGA announced a partnership with JAKKS Pacific, Inc. for the animated Sonic Prime Netflix series, continuing a long history of collaboration between the two companies. This new Sonic Prime line will bring action figures, playsets, vehicles, plush and other collectibles to life inspired by the Blue Blur’s next adventure, along with accessories produced in tandem with Disguise, Inc., available in 2023.

Hit the jump to read the full press.

Sonic Prime to take place in Sonic Team’s video game universe, SEGA crossovers not ruled out

One thing that the Sonic the Hedgehog brand has been doing recently is trying to keep the brand more streamlined. We first saw this when SEGA took the Sonic license away from Archie and relaunched on IDW, but this time making the story take place within the Sonic Team game universe.

We have also seen another recent shake-up with Roger Craig Smith being let go as the voice for Sonic, with rumors spreading that Sonic Movie voice actor Ben Swartz might replace him (making him the main Sonic actor going forward).

Recently we got the official announcement of the upcoming Netflix show Sonic Prime, but not that much information has come out about what the show will actually be. As we know Sonic Prime is being written by Duncan Rouleau, who did give us a bit of insight into what we can expect from the TV show come 2022, including talking about possibility of future SEGA crossovers:

SEGA News Bits: Sonic Prime Animated Series Announced for Netflix

SEGA and Netflix have announced a new animated series titled Sonic Prime, and on this SEGA News Bits Barry runs through the press release and gives some of his own speculation on what the series might contain.

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Netflix and SEGA Announce Sonic Prime, a 24-Episode 3D Animated Series Releasing in 2022

Move over Amazon, Metroid and Optimus. There’s a new prime in town! Netflix announced today via Twitter details about the previously leaked Sonic show heading to the streaming service. Sonic Prime will be 3D animated and run for 24 episodes, with the plot revolving around the fate of a new multiverse resting in Sonic’s hands, and a race to save the universe.

The series will be animated by WildBrain’s Vancouver studio, with SEGA jointly producing the series. Man of Action Entertainment, creators of Ben 10, will showrun and executive produce the series.

After the break, check out the full press release. In the comments below, share your thoughts on the series!