Hands On: Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz

I am very fortunate to live near a brand new Round 1 Arcade. It’s a bowling, Karakoe, UFO Ctacher and Video Arcade that originated from Japan. They tend to have the most brand new video arcade games out there. One they just recently got was Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz. A fairly different take on Monkey Ball that rewards you with prize tickets.

SEGA teasing 33 titles at IAAPA

SEGA will have quite the arcade line-up at this year’s IAAPA. They have put out a press release that they will have 33 arcade machines at the show. 14 of those arcades will be ticket redemption games, 12 video game arcades, 3 will be coin pushers, 3 prize vendors, and one of them will be a photo booth.

Some of the games are easy to spot via US arcade vendors like BMI Gaming. They tease that SEGA has a Monkey Ball game, so that will be a brand new title probably shown at the show. Guess that trademark for Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz makes sense now.
IAAPA will be in Orlando, FL on the week of November 15th. Who is going to go?

[Source: Arcade Heroes]