Sonic 4 is best selling PSN game for October

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 seems to be a big hit on PSN, it was the best selling title for the month of October.

Glad to see that SEGA found success and it sucks that Double Fine’s Costume Quest didn’t rank higher, but it did come out towards the end of the month. If you want to watch the full episode of Pulse, you can find it here or on the Playstation Network.

[Source: PSBlog]

Top 10 arcade games that need to come to PSN/XBLA

Afterburner Climax comes out today on XBLA and tomorrow for PSN, who would have thought we’d ever see the game hit consoles? I didn’t. Now to celebrate the release, I put together 10 other arcade only SEGA games that need to come out on PSN and XBLA.

Hit the jump to see the list. If you guys have a arcade game I failed to mention, throw it up in the comments.

Top 10 features the next SEGA console should have

Let’s be positive, there will be another SEGA console some day (I hope!) and it will need unique features and even catch up with features to make it stand out against the competition. So if SEGA announced a new console soon, these are the features I think they need to have.

I think I know a ton of you have your own features you would like, so comments are always open.

Top 10 ways to make a good Sonic game

Oh, another site with a top 10 feature? Say it isn’t so? This is actually our first top 10 list. I hope you guys enjoy the read.

I want to state, even though the list is set to ‘improve’ on Sonic Team of today, it is mostly a list of what I think makes a great Sonic game. I know this differs from person to person, so I’m always open to hear your input on the matter and what makes a Sonic game good to you.