SEGAbits Forum Member ribbitking17 Trolls Black Friday, SEGA Style

While waiting in line outside a Best Buy for Black Friday, SEGAbits forum member ribbitking17 was interviewed by the local news. Was he getting the latest in gaming consoles? Hell no! He wanted something much better:

“This year I’m getting it all. I’ve been saving up, I’m getting it all. I’m getting a TV for my moms, I’m getting all three gaming systems. I’m getting a PlayStation, Nintendo Gamecube, SEGA Dreamcast. I’m getting an LG washer and dryer for my grandma and grandpa. I’m getting it all this year.”

Check out the video to hear which consoles ribbitking17 surely now has in his hands, at doorbuster prices no less.

SEGA’s PR team has a sense of humor

Above is a drawing that came with the review copy of Sonic Colors that was sent to Destructoid’s Jim Sterling. It is him as the troll that he is, probably eating some Super Monkey Ball endorsed banana and talking about how horrible and mediocre it is.

Now Jim, put up that long awaited negative review for Sonic Colors, we are waiting.

[Source: Destructoid]