Rumor: Judgment TV Show in the works starring Takuya Kimura

According to Japanese website Nikkan Gendai, who has pushed the rumor that Japanese Network TV Asahi is in talks with Takuya Kimura to star as his video game character Takayuki Yagami for a real life Judgment TV series. The Japanese network had tried to get Takuya Kimura back for another season of the popular BG: Personal Bodyguard but refused, saying he wanted to do something new.

The project is sitting with a tentative title of 裁かれざるもの (Things That Cannot Be Judged) with no release date as of now. According to the description, it looks like the idea is to adapt the second game, Lost Judgment:

SEGA News Bits: New Sonic Animated Series in the Works?

A few days ago we ran a popular story where the Sonic Mania Adventures production manager posted that she was invited to SEGA and teased a new upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog animated project. Sonic the Hedgehog Social Media Manager Aaron Webber would then go on to deny the claim, but did he really? On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we look at the proof of a new Sonic animated show, what we think of Webber’s denial statements and of course what we hope for in a new Sonic the Hedgehog animation series. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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What Are Your Thoughts on Sonic Boom, 4 Years Later

f04SEGA went pretty far out there to have Sonic Boom be a huge launch which included a TV Show, video games, comics and even a toy line by Tomy. SEGA America had big plans for the new look and new ‘direction’ of this Sonic series, which would have existed along side with modern Sonic the Hedgehog. Sadly the video games launched by SEGA had rough sales and slowly SEGA turned the wheels on Sonic Boom by cancelling the comics and video games.

But the Sonic Boom TV show still remained, the last episode aired on November 11, 2017 and the series has ran for two seasons spanning 104 episodes. While I’m not a huge fan of the redesigns or video games, I will admit something about the Sonic Boom TV show (and even comic) really had me entertained. I know they aren’t perfect but I always found the writing on the TV show to be witty and well done. Now SEGA is launching the excellent Sonic Mania Adventures web series, could we see classic Sonic take away Sonic Boom‘s TV spot? Do you think that SEGA should continue Sonic Boom as a TV show brand and what is your overall thoughts of Sonic Boom, 4 years later?

SEGA News Bits: Streets of Rage and Altered Beast TV & Movie Adaptations Revealed

On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we talk about The Walking Dead production staff being signed on to handle the TV/movie adaptions of Streets of Rage and Altered Beast. We discuss what this means for Streets of Rage and Altered Beast, how we feel about this move and if we think if any of the media produced out of this deal would be worth watching. But what do you guys think? Do you think Streets of Rage and Altered Beast would work as either a TV show or movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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SEGA announces live action Yakuza TV show

original[Note: Image is not from the announced live action Yakuza TV show]

SEGA has announced a new live action drama Yakuza TV show, based obviously on SEGA’s series of games. This isn’t the first time that SEGA made a live action drama series, they did one for Yakuza: Black Panther that promoted the PSP game. While that happen with a spin off game, this if the first time the main series enjoyed a TV show release. The Yakuza main series did get live action prologue shorts directed by Takashi Miike , who would later go on to direct a full length film loosely based on the first game.

Sadly not much information for the Yakuza TV show has been announced, all we know is that SEGA is working on one and that they will show more at Sega Fes 2016. Sega Fes 2016 will run two days on November 19th and 20th, so expect more Yakuza TV show news soon.

[Source: NicheGamer]

Sonic Boom TV show heading to UK DVD with Volume 1: The Sidekick

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.56.25 PM

A listing has appeared on for a DVD release of the Sonic Boom TV show. The DVD, due out February 15th, is being released through Universal Pictures UK and has the subtitle “Volume 1: The Sidekick”. With a runtime of 143 minutes, that translates to 13 eleven-minute episodes of the series. Meaning that the complete 52 episode season one would be completed in four volumes. No word yet on an American release or the possibility of special features yet.

It is possible, given that these are the first thirteen episodes in order, that the volume will include: “The Sidekick”, “Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?”, “Translate This”, “Buster”, “My Fair Sticksy”, “Fortress of Squalitude”, “Double Doomsday”, “Eggheads”, “Guilt Tripping”, “Dude, Where’s My Eggman?”, “Cowbot”, “Circus of Plunders”, “Unlucky Knuckles”. And if future volumes are being titled based on the first episode of the next thirteen then volumes 2-4 would be titled: “The Meteor”, “Chez Amy” and “Tails’ Crush”. It is more likely, however, that they will select an episode that has the best title for a DVD cover and not simply the first episode on the disc. Fingers crossed for a DVD titled “It Wasn’t Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog”.

More news on the DVD as we hear it!

SEGA News Bits: Sonic Boom Season 2 announced & the state of the franchise

With Sonic Boom Season 1 coming to a close and the announcement that the series will continue with a second season we thought it was time for us to chime in on the show. We talk about what we liked, disliked about season 1 and our hopes for season 2. Tell us what you thought about Sonic Boom season 1 in the comments below and tell us what you want to see for the second season!

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Rumor: Universal Studios on track to make a movie or TV show based on SEGA’s Golden Axe

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.18.59 AM

Via superhero movie news site Heroic Hollywood comes a rumor that, if true, shows that SEGA’s plans to turn classic franchises into movies and television shows is progressing. The rumor is that Universal Studios is either interested in or has already made a deal with SEGA to acquire the television or movie rights to Golden Axe. The rumor also states that Universal was interested in other properties as well, but may be playing it safe and is only going with Golden Axe for now.

The idea of a Golden Axe movie isn’t too crazy, given Universal is also at work on the long awaited The Legend of Conan and NBC (owned by Comcast which also owns Universal) is at the moment working on a Xena reboot. Given The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings have completed, and the Harry Potter franchise is in hibernation until 2016, there is a void for sword and sorcery films that studios are likely looking to fill with established franchises.

Universal could be hedging their bets on the genre and are looking to Golden Axe, Conan and Xena to make them big money. Also consider that Universal Studios has Harry Potter attractions at their theme parks. While Disney has cornered the market on sci-fi and superheros, could Universal be eyeing fantasy? Hey, the studio hedged their bets on monsters years ago and look where that took them.

SEGA in the Media: The Price is Right for a Sega-Vision in 1977!

Way back in 2011, we featured an article on the Sega-Vision, a big screen projection TV sold to consumers in 1977. While a post I made at SEGA Memories detailed patent drawings from 1976, and our post in 2011 featured the commercial, today we have another bit from the Sega-Vision’s past! Courtesy of a reader named Matthew, I was linked to a YouTube upload of a full episode of The Price is Right taped on June 29, 1977, and guess what item appears? If you guessed the Sega-Vision, you’d be right – or is that the “Seega-Vision”? Unfortunately for our lucky contestant, she wasn’t so right. In fact, she was wrong and lost the item when it came to guessing the retail price. Thankfully, as SEGA fans we finally get to know the retail price of a Sega-Vision in 1977: $1,895.

Get Yakuza PSP tracksuit for only $900 bucks

Did your parents tell you to shop for some Christmas clothes, then give you a blank check? This could be your payback for them making you clean your room.

The prototype for the tracksuit is straight out of the Yakuza PSP TV show, so it has been tested for its punching power. The clothes is being designed by DressCamp and will run you ¥42,000 (US$499) for the top piece and ¥35,000 ($416) for the equally ugly pants. Yep, coming to about $900 bucks. How ballin’?

I wonder what the designer for the movie Crow Zero has to say, since you know, they basically ripped off the design.

[Via: Kotaku]

Yakuza PSP getting a TV Show and Manga

SEGA will be airing a 11 part TV show adaptation of its Yakuza PSP game and will have the same name as the game, “Black Panther: New Yakuza Chapter.” The show will air after K-On, a anime that SEGA is turning into a PSP game.

The show will begin airing on October 5th and after its run it will be available on the Playstation Network to rent. Most likely Japan only.

If that was not enough there will also be a Manga adaptation drawn by Yukai Asada. SEGA calls the Manga “Kurohyou,” on their press release. The series will start being serialized on September 18th via Weekly Young Magazine (Issue 42).

[Source: AndriaSang]