SEGA releases free DLC schedule for Yakuza Kiwami


SEGA has revealed that Yakuza Kiwami will be getting four content packs post launch, something that they have been doing with the series since Yakuza 3. The add-on content will be received as game updates, after its released, so no need to go into the PSN store, and deal with adding the content to your account.

If you hit the jump you can see all the cool free DLC content for Yakuza Kiwami like playing as shirtless Kiryu, having Majima’s iconic snake skin jacket and more. Remember that Yakuza Kiwami retails for $29.99, Amazon Prime pre-order is only $23.99 for the steelbook version!

Degenki Bunko Fighting Climax adds two new characters in the fray – Miyuki Shiba and Taiga Aisaka!

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is set for an update in arcades, adding two additional characters to the cast.

The characters that will be featured as playable characters are The Irregular at Magic High School’s “Snow Queen” Miyuki Shiba and Aisaka Taiga, the “Palm Top Tiger,” from Toradora! Tatsuya Shiba and Ryuuji Takasu from their respective series will also join as assist characters. The date for the arcade update is unknown at this time.

For me, I think it’s great to have updates with characters and stages in arcade games. Fingers crossed for more SEGA characters to become playable characters.

For images and screenshots of the additional characters, be sure to hit the jump.