We Didn’t Need a Poll, We Already Knew It: Mega Drive named “Best Retro Console”

Gaming site Playr2 recently polled 1,411 gamers, asking them to vote for the best retro console, and a whopping 61% chose the SEGA Mega Drive! Other SEGA consoles also made the top ten, including the Master System and the Game Gear. Unfortunately, our favorite underdog the Dreamcast did not make the list. Placing second was the Nintendo 64. If the NES and SNES were Nintendo 1 and Nintendo 2, whatever happened to Nintendo 3 through Nintendo 63? After the break, check out the full top ten and feel free to agree with me in the comments that the Mega Drive/Genesis is the best retro console of all time.

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Yakuza hostess voting – First Week Results!

It’s the moment no ones everyone’s been waiting for! Week one results of the Yakuza 5 hostess results.

The results are as follows,

1. Satomi Tateishi – She could get revenge!

2. Haru – She took second place with her enigmatic charms.

3. Ai Sakura – The Agejo maid is in in third place.

4. Yuka Ohnishi – She was apparently cheered on by soccer players. Yuka is a soccer coach.

5. Saaya Kawai – A nail stylist who loves the Yakuza series.

So there you go… One step closer to knowing who we’ll all be fapping over in Yakuza 5.

-Stolen from SegaShiro