Wavemaster releasing a Sonic 20th Anniversary album?

Sonic’s 20th is gaining momentum! First SEGA teasing about the anniversary game, then prototype photos of Jazwares action figures and now a placeholder site for a music album! Looks like SEGA’s Wavemaster has a Sonic 20th Anniversary album planned as evidenced by this recently revealed teaser page www.wave-master.com/sonic20th. Nothing there just yet, except for the above image. A variety of Sonic soundtracks have released under the Wavemaster label, but this is the first time they have created a franchise spanning album. As Wavemaster albums are often two disc affairs, I have no doubt a 20th Anniversary album will be two discs as well.

I’m hoping the potential album gives equal representation of all the years and covers a variety of games. It would be awesome to hear some rarities, such as demo tracks and unreleased tunes. Remixes of old classics would also be pretty sweet. What would you like to hear in a Sonic 20th soundtrack? Sound off below! Any mention of Bentley Jones will result in severe punishment.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]