Atlus bringing Etrian Mystery Dungeon to North America

A little over a week ago I posted that Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon game was announced and just like that Atlus has confirmed it is publishing it in America. Not only that, the game will be coming to America in Spring of 2015. You see, us SEGA fans are used to waiting up to a year after the game comes out in Japan before we even hear if its going to come to America and even then we best hope for the best.

Atlus is so ahead of the curb that there is already English translated screenshots and there hasn’t been ANY screenshots in Japanese released for the game. Atlus can you please publish Shining Resonance, Phantasy Star Nova and Yakuza 5? I mean, its even been over two years since SEGA announced Phantasy Star Online 2 was coming to America.

Check out the screenshots, game description after the break.

Monster World IV Heading West?!

If you asked me to name an underrated Sega game or series I would have a lot to choose from, but perhaps it’s the entire Monster World aka Wonder Boy series which has been most criminally underrated over the years. I rarely see anyone talking about this fantasitc series anymore and it makes me a sad, sad man.

Monster World IV aka Wonder Boy VI (Confusing right?) Is not only the best game in the series it’s also one of the most beautiful games on the MegaDrive/Genesis period. But worst of all it didn’t even make it out of Japan!

But now this may be rectified. Over at the OFLC (Australia rating board) a rating for Monster World IV has been spotted. What does this mean? It means I’m now courteously optimistic that Sega has seen the light and decided to bring us Monster World IV! Possibly on XBLA, PSN, Wiiware or Steam, maybe all four! Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Is my dream of a brand new Wonder Boy/Monster World game one step closer? It would look amazing on the Hedgehog Engine in a 2D point of view… Please Sega?

Shenmue City Western Release Planned – Suzuki

While speaking to games™, Yu Suzuki revealed that he is currently planning to release the Shenmue social networking/mobile game ‘Shenmue City’ aka ‘Shenmue Gai’ in English.

When asked if Shenmue City might be converted to more commonly used western platforms such as iPhone or Facebook he replies,
“There are plans but I cannot discuss them now.”

When explaining the premise of Shenmue City, Yu Suzuki said,
“We’re building Shenmue City as a social game, and each individual player is the main character. The story progresses as each player take on the role of a student who works with Ryo at his dojo, called the Hazuki Bukan.”

When talking about the future of Shenmue City, Yu Suzuki said,
“Two more stories will follow in the future’, he adds, “and if management likes our performance, more stories will be a possibility.”

Shenmue City is due to be released on Yahoo Japan’s Mobagetown service this winter and will presumably come to the west in 2011. For the full interview with Yu Suzuki, see games™ issue 104, on sale 23 December.

I’ll be playing Shenmue City no matter what… If only just to show there is support for the Shenmue series in the west. Hell if it comes to Facebook I’ll just have it running in the background as I do my daily rounds looking at photos of people I went to school with and seeing which ones are now fat, ugly, balding or pregnant.

For impressions/questions on the Cell Phone/Mobile Phone version of the game I suggest going to THIS THREAD on our forums.

Binary Domain screenshots and teaser released

The days that we wait forever for a Japanese game are over, SEGA America have posted a blog entry announcing Binary Domain, even though Famitsu basically spilled the beans. Along with it is a teaser trailer (above) and some screens. Oh, and a message from Nagoshi himself.

“One of the key elements of this is the pursuit of strong and differentiated human AND robot AI. Aiming to have the world’s best AI was essential to bring a true realisation of the concept of life to the players, through the story and the action within the gameplay. The inclusion of online modes has allowed us to transform the game from a mere battle field into a field of survival.