Famitsu scores Yakuza 4 a 38/40

Yakuza 4 has been reviewed by the people at Famitsu and scored an impressive 38/40, broken down it got 9,10,10 and a 9. That is one point higher than what Yakuza 3 scored.

In the same issue they reviewed God of War: Collections (33/40) and Darksiders (32/40).

[Source: Scrawlfx]


3 responses to “Famitsu scores Yakuza 4 a 38/40

  1. Sharky says:


  2. Sega is having a great year, and it's only March!

  3. Centrale says:

    That's a great score. But looking at that photograph it makes you wonder if they score on a scale of 8 to 10.

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