SEGA launches new arcade in Yoyogi, Japan

SEGA has launched a new arcade palace in Yoyogi, Japan. This new arcade building will have 134 machines spanning across 690 square meters of space. Now if only I knew what a meter was…

They will have the latest games like AM2’s Border Break and Project Diva Arcade. The location is next to a train station, ensuring that business men will walk in to use the restroom and will be unable to resist a singing game featuring underage girls. They love that stuff.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]

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2 responses to “SEGA launches new arcade in Yoyogi, Japan

  1. I remember a Hanna-Barbera kids show called "Yo, Yogi!", probably unrelated to the Japanese city.

    Cool news on the new arcade!

  2. Sharky says:

    Good to see them still opening Arcades I know a lot of the less profitable ones shut down recently.

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