Game Informer: Vanquish Campaign lasts only 4 hours

Game Informer gave Vanquish a 7.75 out of 10. No idea what the difference between a 7.75 and a 8 is on their scale, but seems like its a ‘good game’ with some flaws, according to them.

Platinum Game’s Kellam tweets otherwise, concerning the 4 hour single player campaign:

“GameInformer: “Don’t be surprised if you finish your first playthrough in four hours.” Really? Because it would surprise the hell out of us.”

Some being recycled bosses, short  campaign and unimpressive weapons. Oh yes, they also mock the characters, I don’t think they understand the type of game Vanquish is suppose to be. Its suppose to be one of those games you replay over and over to get the highest score in the levels, just like Bayonetta.

Lets hope most users and other media don’t miss the point of the game when they review it.

[Source: N4G]


12 responses to “Game Informer: Vanquish Campaign lasts only 4 hours

  1. Sharky says:

    I'll wait for real videogame critics that know what their talking about.

    GameTrailers is where its at these days.

  2. Sega Stylista says:

    In light of George never getting what I was on about, I hope it doesn't surprise him to see mainstream gaming media shun this title. A game like Vanquish could never be a mass audience success and Game Informer is just catering to the big publishers' game marketering interests in not popularizing it. What did they say about Bayonetta?

  3. Sega Stylista says:

    In simpler terms, George or anyone, can you not see why the industry does not want to promote games you "replay over and over" in favor of the cinematic game you play 10 hours and trade-in for next month's movie-game?

  4. Orta says:

    Unlike Vanquish however, Bayonetta does not last four hours.

  5. CosmicCastaway says:

    I don't understand why length is such a big deal. I experiencing games more than once. Sometimes I'll learn new things about the gameplay or story that I didn't notice before.

  6. George says:

    @SEGA Stylista: Game Informer do give good scores to games that are short. 7/10 is a good score. Halo gets good scores with short single player, MAG had no single player and got good scores.

  7. nuckles87 says:

    Game Informer is the one video game media source I've ever openly called incompetent and bias. But regardless, if this game receives a mixed reaction from OTHER publishers I'll be disappointed. Still gonna buy it though.

  8. crackdude says:

    who cares. As long as the game is good..

    Reviewers dont know shit about videogames.

  9. Sybnios says:

    As crackdude said most of these reviewers out there don't know shit about videogames. Only casual gamers listen to these kind of critics.

  10. CosmicCastaway says:

    I also agree with crackdude and Sybnios. I never listen to game reviews to decide whether or not I want a game. If I think it looks interesting and fun, chances are I'm going to have a great time playing it.

  11. Supa says:

    I agree with nuckles. GI is the only publication I don't even bother listening to anymore, they're worthless.

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