Binary Domain: Xbox 360 vs PS3 version

You’d think that this is a post full of drama where someone that bought one of the two leading HD consoles will end up butt hurt, but it really isn’t. It seems that The Yakuza team did really well, at least in demo form. The latest Binary Domain (released in the Japanese XBL/PSN) demo  is taken for a test drive and compared. So what is the better version of the game?

That will depend on what you prefer. Either version looks about the same, but there are small differences. Livedoor says that they think the Xbox 360 version is running 4xMSAA, while it seems that the PS3 version is running MLAA. If the PS3 version is running MLAA, then this will be the first Japanese game to use the feature on the PS3. You can tell that the PS3 version has better  anti-aliasing than the 360 version, especially the close ups. But the 360 version looks ‘sharper’.

Not only that, it seems that the demo version of Binary Domain on PS3 has some framerate issues. The 360 version usually averaged 30 frames per second (24 to 30fps) the PS3 version averaged 29fps (18.5 to 30.5fps). The 360 version had 0.183% tearing, while the PS3 had no screen tearing. Have to say, its weird how the 360 version is doing so well when its the team’s first Xbox 360 game.

Hit the jump to see the rest of the screens.



4 responses to “Binary Domain: Xbox 360 vs PS3 version

  1. crackdude says:

    For fucks sake, people actually care about such minute differences?

  2. bruno says:

    no matter what ps3 is still ontop

  3. tommy says:

    it makes no difference in my opinion, because i did not care for the game. however, i will always go with better performance even at the expense of lower res/ pop/ tearing/ etc… whatever though; get the version you think is best and then tell everyone why the other version is no good. please forgive my spelling and grammar, i was educated by the amerikan public school system.

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