First Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita screens make it online

SEGA just got done announcing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Vita a few days ago, but now they are ready to start releasing screens. Well, at least 3 of them. The game might look a bit rough to you, but Sakai has confirmed that it’s only 10% complete and promises that when it’s done the Vita version should rival the PC version’s highest setting. I don’t know if this is good news or bad.

Sakai said he had a PSO2 surprise coming in March. Guess what? Surprise, this is it. The Vita version of the game. The Playstation Vita version of the game will start service sometime in 2013. SEGA has recently finished the PC version’s alpha 2 test, which was played by over 50,000 people. The game is getting closer to the large closed beta phase, I can’t believe it’s still this early in development.


6 responses to “First Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita screens make it online

  1. Emmett The Crab says:

    Does the Vita have a software keyboard, like the iPad? It would be so much better than trying to type messages with the face buttons.

  2. pso2love says:

    There is only one problem with it being on the vita, and I hope SEGA will optimize PSO2 even more to fix it… The fact that 3g might not be able to keep up with pc connection speeds. If they can fix this issue, and they would have to in order to make the cross platform gameplay work, it will not only allow more people to play, it will also make takers happy, since there will be even less lag. If anyone understands Japanese, please send SEGA this message thnx

    • George says:

      The issue with 3G it is dependent on where you live/how many people live in your area. You can get decent speeds on AT&T (which Sony uses) but to be honest, the now network has been under shit for the past 3 years due to poor data speeds.

      Its not Sony’s fault, they aren’t a data company. I wish they would have went with Verizon or just skip all that shit and just went straight 4G. I get about 10mb down with 4G from Sprint on my phone.

  3. pso2love says:


  4. ezodagrom says:

    Sakai said that the Vita version will be closer to the PC version, not that it’ll rival the PC version in the highest settings.

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