SEGA teasing new Hatsune Miku game

Even though SEGA has posted the terrible news that a lot of projects would be canceled; then revealing that only franchises like Sonic, Aliens and a few others would be safe. So what will happen to the Hatsune Miku development team?

Seems that they get to develop a new Hatsune Miku game. SEGA has just put up the teaser site for an upcoming new game in the Hatsune Miku universe. Will this new title finally mark Hatsune Miku‘s debut on Playstation Vita?


4 responses to “SEGA teasing new Hatsune Miku game

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    the aliens/total war/sonic/football manager thing only applied to SEGA West retail games. it was never said what retail games were considered safe in Japan, i imagine Hatsune Miku would be considered safe for retail.

  2. SkyBlue says:

    SEGA have a Project Diva Team? I thought someone such as AM1 or AM3 did the games?

    Anyways, good to see them doing what they do best in Japan at least, and I have some hope on their franchises coming over in Europe should the ATLUS/SEGA deal come to Europe as well.

  3. Hitrax says:

    Oh wow, a Hatsune game, yet another game that will never come out over here and what good would it do even if it did?
    This stuff does not sell well just like most of SEGA’s products.

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