*UPDATE: It’s Danica Patrick* Could the Hornet be SEGA’s celebrity guest?

Update 2: Sumo Digital producer S0L has said the following over at The Sonic Stadium forums:

You know, when they (SEGA) pitched us the idea we went ‘The fans will go wild…’ I think they didn’t get what we meant from that though

End of the day she hasn’t replaced any SEGA characters, she’s an extra and we’re very happy with the vehicle design we’ve done for her, which incidentally isn’t the one you might think it is

UPDATE: Game Trailers just revealed that Nascar driver Danica Patrick will be in All-Stars Racing Transformed. Remember her from that one SEGA game? Wait, she’s not a SEGA character. But she is racing in a SEGA branded racer which will be revealed at SEGA’s E3 booth. Danica and her SEGA branded Nascar will, in turn, be in the game. I’ll admit, it’s really freakin’ weird, but it does feel very much like when Pepsiman appeared in AM2’s Fighting Vipers. Which is a good, if not odd, thing.

SEGA Blog has posted up some booth pics, including a massive car shaped thing right in the center of the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed booth. Doesn’t appear to be Sonic’s car, I can only imagine a custom made Speed Star would cost a load. But it could very well be the Hornet. Daytona USA’s star racer joining the All-Star roster? What do you think is under there? We’ll know in one hour. There is a small chance that Segata Sanshiro can take the form of a car, and he’s silently waiting to burst out from beneath the sheet to put the Wii U in a headlock.



28 responses to “*UPDATE: It’s Danica Patrick* Could the Hornet be SEGA’s celebrity guest?

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    Looks more like a Ferrari to me. Would prefer the Hornet, though.

  2. Tracker_TD says:

    Aw come on, I totally thought of this theory. ;o;

    Anyway, praying to god it is the Hornet-Daytona was FANTASTIC!

  3. Big Boss says:

    Why not Segata Sanshiro, he’d be much better in, he’s not been in the scene for a while and has only been in one game so far, which was on the Sega Saturn, the Hornet’s had numerous more appearances than him and it’s only car.

  4. Big Boss says:

    Probably best not to get your hopes up too much lads any way, you’ll only end up disapointed.

  5. Could be SEGA endorsing a Nascar racer. And the driver is the celeb. Not game related, but it would be pretty cool. I’d actually watch Nascar if there was a SEGA All-Stars branded car.

  6. Danica Patrick? What the fuck? I called it!

  7. SMT_Xero says:

    Just saw who it was on spike. Really disappointed it was a nascar driver…

  8. batfax says:

    … Maybe she’ll at least drive the Hornet? Maybe? Please?

  9. Hitrax says:


  10. Maybe the Hornet is the All-Star Move?

  11. Exu says:

    I don’t know who that is.

  12. SSagent says:

    oh my god sega why do you do this to us.
    why are you wasting money on this.
    nobody watches nascar, and its the nationwide series which gets even less viewers.
    i hope she came cheap.
    everybody in the marketing department needs to be fired.

  13. Simon says:

    They are just crazy-_-

  14. DCGX says:

    She looks so uncomfortable in that pic.

  15. Big Boss says:

    This could be yet another failure of SEGA’s marketing department yet again, another failure in a long list of marketing failures by SEGA’s marketing team – which as you all know, is well renowned for constant failures, WHAT the hell is wrong at SEGA….

    It’s not the character but the Nascar promotion, Ok we’ve estalished she’s in the game but is the character list final or is there more to come…

  16. Radrappy says:

    jesus christ. . .who? What. . .what is happening

  17. Barry the nomad says:

    I think the promotion itself with the NASCAR car is cool. Will be fun to see the car on the track come November. As for her as an ingame racer, I’ll wait until I see it before I talk shit. The vehicle could be cool. S0L seems to hint at the vehicle a lot, could be a SEGA based racer. Maybe the Hornet or the NASCAR racer itself.

  18. Geed says:

    Just give us Hornet, Sega, and no one has to get hurt.

  19. Chris K. says:

    What the fuck?!!

    Is you wanted to make a REAL person playable why not make Yuji Naka or Naoto Oshima the extra racers?!!

  20. Amrith says:

    Sorry, it seems lame to me. They threw away a true Sega mascot for that ad ? Don’t have anything against this lady but Sega should have pick Segata Sanshiro or Yuji Naka… someone able to make sense in this game. What a marketing mistake guys, seriously…

    • Barry the nomad says:

      Sumo said she didn’t take any characters place or impede on development. Just a promotion. Segata isn’t out yet.

    • Amrith says:

      Ok, I didn’t read the last update.
      Good thing, even if I’m still uninterested by this in-game appearance. It echoes the Damon Hill’s case, when he made advertisement for Virtua Racing twenty years ago, but this time with a playable character.

  21. SkyBlue says:

    Why are people moaning about a celebrity in the game and yet want a generic car as a playable character?

    I’ll admit, she wasn’t in my list either, but if she doesn’t take a slot up playing as a NASCAR driver could be fun AND it expands the audience who normally play NASCAR games.

    The Hornet would only pander to fans who are already buying the game anyway (to be honest, we have too many generic cars in other games anyway, which is why this game caters to fans who want goofy characters in it), so marketing wise, the NASCAR advertisement makes sense.

    • Plant says:

      I lol’d at the “expands the audience who normally play NASCAR games” part – you think people who play Nascar games are going to buy Mario Kart just because one insignificant driver is in it? Don’t make me laugh. Besides, I doubt there’s more than a handful of people outside of North America who knew of Danica Patrick’s existence before this idiotic announcement was made, so yeah, they sure expanded their audience.

  22. Grant says:

    It’s a shame Segata Sanshiro wont be in it though, I know the list of characters isn’t released yet, but lets face it, if he was really going to be in the game, they’d have told us by now.
    Feels like another huge missed opertunity if he’s not in it, the only chance will be future DLC, but I doubt it judgeing on the last game’s content where they only released Metal Sonic with the Death Egg track stage, that was it. Isn’t Segata Sanshiro supposed to be the most requested character extra for this game? Just imagine his car, it would probably be a giant transforming Sega Saturn console, and hia All Star move would be his Song Single sing the Chorus “SEGATA SANSHIRO, SEGATA SANSHIRO, SEGA SATA-SHIROOOOO” with him lunging giant Saturn controllers and doing fly kicks, bashing the opposition’s cars.

  23. lilryanps3 says:

    I really hope its the Team’s #41 Hornet. It would really be a shame if it isn’t in the game…

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