Sonic Jump is now free on iOS devices (limited time only)

UPDATE: Game is free until New Years. Hey! Don’t blame me. I got this info from other Sega/Sonic sites that never mentioned “limited time” either. XP

For those who haven’t “jumped” at the chance to buy Sonic’s latest mobile game, now’s the best time! Sonic Jump on iOS devices has gone free to play for a limited time only. Does this mean the game is doing so bad, they have to give it away? Nah, more likely, the in-game app purchases are doing so well they can make more money by making the game free and bringing in more players. With tons of missions, levels and more and more characters to unlock each month, it’s hard to resist the allure of buying more rings and power-ups. In fact, I recommend picking up the 2X rings power up to collect rings twice as fast.

BTW, with the game constanly improving and adding more levels, should I change my original review, or leave it as the way it was at the time? Let me know in the comments.

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4 responses to “Sonic Jump is now free on iOS devices (limited time only)

  1. Barry the nomad says:

    Write an updated review. The new free price and many new levels/characters makes the old review obsolete. 🙂

  2. celsowm says:

    VF5 Final showdown is 50% in XBLA only today

  3. TimmiT says:

    Uh, are you sure this isn’t a special one-day deal? Because lots of games on iOS do that.

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