Want to see more images of the SEGA Note PC, and a learn a few more details?


Courtesy of Eurogamer comes a few new photos of the SEGA Note PC, and this time they aren’t just mock-ups! On display is the general blue SEGA branded laptop, both in use and being carried. We also get a peek at the desktop, which features a snazzy Dreamcast themed wallpaper. According to Eurogamer, while the laptops will probably not include SEGA emulators or games, they will include SEGA Windows themes and SEGA music pre-loaded onto the laptop. A full list of the specs can be found here, and after the break check out a gallery of new images.


6 responses to “Want to see more images of the SEGA Note PC, and a learn a few more details?

  1. George says:

    Fuck. I want one. But which one? Saturn? Genesis? Dreamcast?

    I really like the Genesiss and DC one. Oh man, .. 🙁

    • Genesis/MD one for me for sure, though the top of the line model has all four covers.

      Regardless of the fact that similar PCs can be had for less money, the fact that these are SEGA branded makes me very happy. Even if I don’t own one, it’s cool to know they’re out there.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Would definitely be the dreamcast one for me. but yeah never gonna happen……….soon

  3. Hento says:

    Are they real bits of SEGA hardware though, or just standard laptops with the Sega brands slapped across them as an after thought?

    And how much involvement does Sega have with their production?

  4. daniel says:

    SEGA is working on them to some extent because, as taken from their official page for the computer, “A representative of Sega says that the idea to develop laptops themed on Sega hardware has been in gestation since 2011, and there was much deliberation over which consoles would be the most popular among fans of the company today.” It is a Sega member that says they had that idea since 2011, not anybody else.

    • Barry the nomad says:

      Funny, you’d think Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast would come straight to their minds. Wonder if a 32X laptop was a possibility? 😛

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