SEGA holding a ‘illustrate a mascot’ competition

Have you ever sat around the house saying that you could make a better mascot character than Sonic the Hedgehog? Well, now is your chance to put SEGA in their place. SEGA Raw (hosted by Nagoshi) will air live on NicoNico Douga and they want fans to submit designs for a mascot character that will promote the show.

They are looking for something that incorporates the spirit of SEGA. What will you win? All the products SEGA makes of your character and Nagoshi’s autograph. Want to know the rules? Hit the jump.

Application Period: Open until June 9th 2013.
Picture Format Accepted: Any resolution in JPG, GIF, or PNG format no larger than 10MB.
Contest Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト

How to enter:

  1. Create a NicoNico account
  2. Create your design of a mascot character that represents Sega.
  3. Visit this page
  4. Enter the following from top to bottom:
    1. Upload your image.
    2. Image Title
    3. Image description
    4. Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト
    5. Image type: キャラクター (6th selectable from the top)
  5. Click the submit button (black button at the bottom)

Edit: Since there have been a high number of comments suggesting that SEGA plans to replace Sonic the Hedgehog as their mascot through this contest, that is not correct. The truth is this is for SEGA’s webshow being titled SEGA Raw and not as a mascot for the company in large.

Don’t panic, Sonic isn’t going anywhere!


61 responses to “SEGA holding a ‘illustrate a mascot’ competition

  1. OriginalName says:

    I really hope someone submits an empty shell.

    • I would be considering that if this wasn’t the chance for me to show them what kind of a mascot I could design.

    • betablocker says:

      Nagoshi will be involved so that means your mascot will be featured in a game with massive amount of text and a dating simulator.

      Might as well submit an empty shell.

      Now if it was from some other talent outside Nagoshi et al, it could have been a great chance for fans to collaborate with Sega.

    • billy says:

      can my dick count as the new mascot?

  2. Skye says:

    Why don’t they just use Sonic? :7

  3. SkyBlue says:

    Just make Ristar…lol.

    I wish I could draw….

  4. darkshortyx says:

    I’m definitely doing this!!!! Thank you segabits! I hope I can win! Let’s see what I can muster up.

  5. Mike says:

    I really do hope everyone enters sanic

    Gotta go fast

  6. Mickee C says:

    ATENTION CAPCOM AND SEGA! Stop shitting on your fans. You are both just terrible at what you do.

  7. neemat says:

    Theres always crazy fans but that dosent mean get rid of sonic!!!! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS!? Sonics the greatest,most inspiring,videogame charecter ive ever seen!! I know fans are crazy and some ruin him alot,but ignore those people! Focus on the fans that ARENT crazy! I love and support sega using sonic as their mascot! I wanted to one day work for swga and make a videogame to help bring sonic back! Hes my idol i grew up with sonic! I have all the games,every single one,please dont change it! Please! There are still decent fans that love him!

    • BlueNeonPinkie says:

      Really? This has to be the most ignorant comment I’ve seen here so far. You have to be looking at this from a business perspective. Considering the large amount of hate for Sonic nowadays, they are doing this so the company doesn’t go downhill.

    • Maro says:

      Dude, I wrote a ten page paper on SEGA history a few years back. Running themselves into the ground is all they’ve been doing for over a decade. The Sonic team, many of whom have been there since the beginning, have been making non-stop sonic games since they first thought him up. all they have to do is give the people a friggin break to make some other game WITHOUT giving them an 8-10 month time limit. Sonic’s dying because they ran his creators into the ground. If this is from a business perspective, it’ll be the whopping 5th good decision they’ve made in the past 12 years…nerd rage aside, it wouldn’t really be a good move. There’s a ‘dark side’ to every fandom out there. The sonic fans no more messed up in the head than any other. they only get so much hate on the internet because it’s bestality, and the main reason people hate him is because of the crappy games they’ve been shoving out. the smart move wouldn’t be to throw out an established mascot that everybody knows, it’d be to make better games with that mascot.

    • sonfan says:

      If they actually replaced Sonic then that will be the dumbest mistake they’ve ever made. Regardless if people seem to hate him, Sonic is still their most popular franchise and he has a large fanbase. If they get rid of him then who do they have left?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody gives a shit about the company. All companies are mind-fucked and don’t know what they’re doing. EVERY company will come up with something that millions of people adore, only to come out with something like, “Oh, something’s gone wrong, let’s erase the whole fucking franchise.”
      SEGA SHOULD be thinking of the fans that aren’t batshit insane. So technically, they are the ignorant ones.

    • TheSkylerbrown1 says:

      Ye i think that too…i will love and support sega and sonic..

  8. monotron says:

    Simple: A gravestone.

  9. True Fact says:

    Welp, thaaaaat’s no surprise. Furries ruin everything.

    • gameguy says:

      I highly doubt it’s solely furries that have “ruined” the franchise. The fanbase in general has “ruined” the Sonic franchise. Take your hate somewhere else.

  10. Zoe says:

    This is a horrible fucking idea. Sonic will make millions off of your character concept, and the reward they’re offering is merely a handful of (likely very shitty) games? Yeah, no one in their right mind would do this. Ever. Demand money.

  11. Tabitha says:

    This is completely ridiculous. Sega does not realize how many fans will be lost if sonic is replaced. Sonic has been with sega for over 20 years. The fans are not horrible. They want their input because they wish to see sonic in new ways. For the ones that are messed up in the head, every fanbase has those! Long live sonic the hedgehog…<3

  12. Captain Harlock says:

    So uh
    Did people miss the part where the new mascot is meant to be just for the new show?
    Why are you crying yourselves to sleep?

  13. Mike says:

    Fans didn’t kill sonic, sega is killing sonic. Fans of every character fuck with them in one way or another. And there are a lot of games that people play for the particular series as opposed to the company itself. Sega needs to get its head out of its own ass.

    • Alexander says:

      I agree with you all the way, Mike. It’s the same lateral move as Capcom did with the blue bomber, Mega Man. If you don’t establish a good franchise and actually work WELL on it (Capcom and SEGA, I’m talking to you), make crappy spin-offs of an original work (They are not all crappy, Mega Man X happened t be adored by the multitude of humanity), toss your mascot under the bus, and then munch off of semi-par DLC and the tears and souls of your fans (Sound familiar, Capcom?), destroy the very thing that brought the franchise any true glory (R.I.P., Keiji Inafune’s creation), and then expect us to be happy, you’re damned wrong. See, this is why their systems were short lived too. Either your games were terrible to the point of making players want to hang themselve and gouge out their eyes, or they weren’t made with the same feeling as how it was when they were in their prime, if any… Well, whatever. Do what you want, SEGA. Say hello to Capcom for me when you’re both in the same hole…

  14. sonfan says:

    It seems like people here don’t read the whole article. Sega isn’t replacing Sonic, they’re looking for a mascot character to go besides Sonic for SEGA Raw.

  15. Chya says:

    There are many questions that they don’t answer(that I can find anyway, I can’t read Japanese). Like, what kind of mascot are they looking for, a Mobian-mascot or a human mascot? And what is “SEGA Raw” all about? You can’t make a character for a show that you don’t know anything about. And make “something that incorporates the spirit of SEGA”? I know a lot of people say “Sonic”, since that’s what they’re known for, but is this “SEGA Raw” thing even Sonic/Mobian-related?

    If anyone has any information about what “SEGA Raw” is about, I’d love to know.
    I can’t enter, though, because I’m not going to join a website that I can’t even read the front page of.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous.
    Everyone please just send in Sonic as the “New mascot idea”. So Sonic has been good for the last, what, over a decade? Now suddenly we “Ruined” him.
    No Sega, take some fucking responsibility. YOU if anyone, ruined Sonic. I personally still see nothing wrong with him staying as the mascot, I grew up playing Sonic games, watching the cartoons, etc. Why the hell change it now?
    Build a new fan base if you like, Sega.
    I’d like to see it become as big as Sonic.
    Like I said, it’s fucking ridiculous.

  17. 63 says:

    new SEGA mascot: Shadow the hedgehog

  18. sorinthewolf says:

    i’m sticking with sonic he is the best his fast as lightning and he is my favorite out of all sega characters

  19. Yumi says:

    Doing this will upset alot of fans and will cause the decrease in fans…. So what Sonic is ruined by fans…. I bet most of them barely did anything…. Blame the ones who make porn sites for mobians….. I say Sonic STAYS! I dont care….. I’ve been a fan of Sonic since I WAS A CHILD! This upsets me ;-;

  20. sonfan says:

    The original article is that Sega is seeking for people to send in their ideas for a mascot for their Sega Raw show ALONG SIDE Sonic. They NEVER said that they’re replacing Sonic as their mascot or that the fans ruined Sonic. The website is a huge exaggeration and they’re taking an innocent Sega article and twisting everything around in an attempt to get people angry.

  21. Dean says:

    Nope. Grew up with the Genesis so Sonic isn’t going anywhere as Segas’ mascot in my eyes.

  22. Enough with the hate comments! Everyone has tbeir own views and perspectives. I for one dont want a new mascott for sega and agree with neemat. Except for the “have you lost your minds” part. Look,i love Sonic more than Mario. All you do in Mario is rescue the princess over and over and over and fight Bowser the whole entire time in almost every single Mario game. But with Sonic you fight other people and monsters besides just fighting Eggman every single time. You have the Erazor Djiin,Dark Gaia,Mephiles and so on. You do other things than just stop Eggman the entire time. If the creators would have worked more on Sonic,if they didnt give up to Ninetendo, if they didnt change the charectors voices and personalities so much then Sonic would still be popular. They have giant statues of him in Japan! They shouldnt do anymore changes! Thats only making the fans more upset and if they change Sonic as the masscot now,theyre going to get alot of hate mail/comments.

  23. Why do you need a new character when you have tons of the old ones? You should bring the old ones back and maybe the fan’s of Sonic will come back to play it. Me and my friends want and demand you bring the old one’s back like Scourge, Fiona, Bean, Rosy and etc. Come on, Sonic been here from 1991 and now 2013 and you’re goanna change him? I want my kids in the future to grow up and know the ,“Blue Blur” my parents grew up with him and Mario so don’t change it and if you do I’ll so return all my stuff dolls, scrolls, mail bags, comics and games of Sonic, better yet I’ll burn them up if you do change him.

  24. juan says:

    Why change him we have had many great years when we learned who sonic was why would u take the very character that we grew up with

  25. Kori-Maru says:

    Everyone hold your horses, if you guys can take a deep breath and reread the article as the other readers stated before that Sega of Japan is looking for a mascot for their “NicoNicoDouga” channel. Not the entire company. If they did, Sega West (Sega of America and Europe) would have made some sort of press release about it.

    That absolutely means that they are not replacing Sonic from his mascot title.

  26. ArkE says:

    I’m entering it. It sounds fun and besides, I have a great concept in mind. XP

  27. I have an idea for a mascot, but I’m not gonna review who or what it is until I make my final decision.

  28. Daniela says:


  29. Valeria says:

    My nightmare is coming true?! PLEASE SEGA DONT REPLACE SONIC!! I LOVE HIM!! He is the best thing that can happened to me!!

  30. Valeria says:

    I was grown up like a sonic fan that hedgehog help me to trust myself (i was so shy) How you dare to replace him Me,my friends and my entire family we are sonic fans we love him,my dream

  31. TheSkylerbrown1 says:

    How is this possible?? Sonic is my favorite character in the whole world I LOVE HIM!! Sonic finally beat mario in popularity and sega wants to slowing him down IT MAKES ME MADLY UPSET!! I want that my children can raise with the blue blur the only one:Sonic the hedgehog..I want sonic as permanent segas mascot..and whats up with the “fans ruined sonic” Probabily true but there are a million of sonic fans who love him like he is (like sega was created him) im one of them..DONT CHANGE SONIC!! Long live sonic the hedgehog!! :3

  32. sonictopfan says:

    hahaha wow Sonic fans are only proving more and more how “silly” they are ^^;

    Look guys, the article said nothing about replacing Sonic as SEGA’s mascot, SEGA are not dumb, that would be like if Capcom replaced Ryu or Nintendo replaced Mario, it’ll only cause needless drama and risk shutting down the company, they can’t risk that.

    I’d say if they need another mascot besides Sonic to represent a show in Japan why not go for Hatsone Miku? She’s very popular not only there but world wide, she’d make a great mascot for SEGA!

    • Captain Harlock says:

      She’s also not their intellectual property. Wouldn’t be a good choice for mascot.

      Also I give up on trying to tell you people SEGA’s not replacing Sonic, if you want to be such idiots and carry on worrying over nothing because you can’t read an article do so. (obs not talking to you stf)

  33. יוג'ין says:

    What’ll happen to Knuckles and them?
    I mean, they can’t throw them in the vault with Sonic. ;n;

  34. STC says:

    Geez, so many idiots here that don’t read the full article.
    I for one, am happy that their finally deciding to branch out from the blue blur and make something new that we haven’t seen before, best of luck for whoever enters this contest.

    Also, the people who send in Sonic as an idea are the inconsiderate fuck tards that pollute the franchise, and the squeakers, the furries, the basement dwellers, and the plain idiots who ravage around the franchise.

    Go get em’ SEGA!

  35. Sonic for all his years has gone through ups and downs.True Sonic fan likes him all time,in spite of a failed game.I always liked him and in my fanbase characters from his universe have made a lot of friends and some good ideas for game (I mean about my soon comic).About Sonic 2006:I heard a lot of negative reviews about story and glitches.I cried when Mephiles killed him and I almost felt sick when Elice kissed Sonic,but still this game has good graphics and amazing music.I also enjoyed Sonic Generations because it makes me feel the past.Levels are bright and easy.Also classic Sonic is pretty cute.SEGA is unlikely will read this comment and ask me about the plot in my soon comic.SEGA,if you read this,please,don’t replace Sonic,he is a good friend.I beg you.
    Your true fan Anastasya (aka Light)

  36. Blonic says:

    It’s all in Japanese. Is this even open to non-Japanese participants?

  37. Emily says:

    Didn’t any of you read the full article? They want a character to represent A WEBSHOW ABOUT SEGA, not the company itself. If your in your 30’s and you are crying over something like this, you need to think this through. A freaking 13 year old (yours truly) read the whole article and saw a chance to express herself while you read part of it and completely flipped out! GROW UP AND READ THE WHOLE F***ING ARTICLE, PEOPLE!

  38. Something says:

    I’m gonna miss Sonic..

  39. SONICFOREVER says:

    Rest in peace, Sonic… :(((((((

  40. jarvis says:

    I have an idea its called candy the stuffed doll it would be a great idea it be like a platform you get to jump the enemies heads and candy will pop out. consumed enough candy candy
    Will become human and candy has to stop the evil forces of. Hecamatrix from posessing all of the toys and replacing the with some evil entity and taking over the world.

  41. confusedperson says:

    so uh….do we know who won?

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