Swingin’ Report Show and Sonic Talk now on iTunes

Here it is, our sweet podcasts are now on iTunes. I know many of you have given us flack for not having them up, due to RSS problems  but guess what? Those are now a thing of the past. Well, not really, we are having some troubles on how it displays on iTunes. But hey, nothing is perfect. Check it out, subscribe and give us a review.

Swingin’ Report ShowSonic Talk

Thanks to everyone that listened, regardless of not having a iTunes set up. Thank Will for fixing up the RSS feeds for us, he is brilliant.


4 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show and Sonic Talk now on iTunes

  1. Will says:

    No thanks for me?! 🙁

  2. Huzzah! Looking forward to getting your episodes automatically.

  3. One more thing.. If you write in to Apple via iTunes, they will rearrange the episodes in the proper order for you. When I moved my podcast to a new host, they got in there in a similar order to yours, but I wrote to Apple and they fixed it.

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