Sonic Talk #31: “We’re gonna need a bigger podcast”

We got a fairly large podcast going on this week with lots to discuss. Starting off with our special guest, Elizabeth Silvas who tells us a very touching tale of her near death experience and how Sonic saved her during a troubling time in her life. Next, we discuss the brand new mobile game from Sonic Team “Sonic Runners”. It looks like only I got my hands on this game, but I give my full impressions. Also, I go into the new slightly playable build of Sonic X-Treme and we find out what other Sega and Capcom properties will be involved in the new, “World’s Unite” crossover event. Last, but not least, we delve into some Sonic Boom discussion and talk about the last few episodes.

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Sonic Talk #30: 2014 Sonic Boom or Bust?


In our 30th episode, we discuss the highs and lows of 2014. What was the best moment for Sonic fans and which was the lowest point of the year? Join Jason, Alex, GX and special guest, Evil Dr. Reef. Also, extra special guest, Spanish Sonic! Also, try out our new game, “If Platinum Games made _____”.

Sonic Talk #28: Sonic Talk Adventure 28 DX Battle Edition Purple Monkey Dishwasher


It’s Dreamcast month here at Segabits, so being a Sonic podcast, we’ve decided to look back at the Sonic Adventure series. Me. Nuckles87, GX Echidna and special guest Evil Dr. Reef look back at the Adventure series from its Dreamcast beginnings up to Sonic Adventure DX on the GameCube. Which in the series is our favorite? What were the best parts? What were the worst parts (besides big the Cat obviously)? Does either game hold up today? Do we want a Sonic adventure 3? We answer all these question and more in a heavy 2 & 1/2 hour discussion that’s one of our best episodes yet!

NOTE: If you wonder why GX seems to be hogging the conversation for about 20 minutes after the 58 minute mark, it’s because Nuckles87’s audio went off for a short period of time. (Also, GX tends to naturally hog up a conversation anyway.) Luckily, my awesome editing skills saved the day and it’s barely noticeable.

Sonic Talk #27 “You’re too slow!”


Well, better late than never! This episode was supposed to go up about two weeks ago, but since I had to report on E3, things got super busy and I just didn’t have the time until now. We’ll be doing another one on E3 and Sonic Revolution soon, but for now check out our initial impressions on NotMarin-err Sticks, early preview videos of both Sonic Boom games and more! We also added an addendum to talk about mor-

GX – Shut up Shigs.

….Fine. Enjoy the podcast folks!

Sonic Talk #24 “Third time’s the charm.”

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FINALLY! After 3 tries, we finally get episode 24 out the door. We start with Nuckles87 getting a little too excited over finishing a level in Sonic Lost World. We talk a bit about what we’ve been playing. Alex goes into a rant on TSSZ and Ken Penders and I talk to Lidice Garcia on Sonic Boom U.S. West Chapter and what Sonic Revolution is. Then, we end it with Comic talk. Click on the comments section for show notes.

Sonic Talk #23: Laptop vs. 3DS case

This week, Nuckles’ Laptop is brutally engaged in Mortal Kombat with his 3DS case (With Mortal Kombat music playing over it). We discuss more on the Ouya since I have one now, making your animal characters swear at others in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and why Blinx: The Time Sweeper isn’t nearly as bad as critics made it out to be. We then go into Sonic news, my trip to Sonic Boom West Coast Chapter and a long discussion on the Sonic/Mega Man crossover “Worlds Collide”. Nuckles ends the podcast by swearing at our listeners. (Yeah. Good way to keep what little listeners we have.) Go 3DS case! Smash that laptop and silence its loud fan forever!

Read on for show notes.

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Sonic Talk Episode #21: Tracy Take Two

It may have taken several more weeks and one more recording session than expected, but we’ve finally got Tracy Yardley on Sonic Talk! As they say, good things come to those who wait, and that is definitely true for anyone who was looking forward to this. No need to skip through to the interview either, as we have Tracy Yardley! for the entire show, so just sit back and enjoy. Or not. We won’t judge you.

Today, in addition to the Yardley interview, we (sorta) discuss Sonic coming to the Ouya, the Sonic Lost World game play trailer, finally having a 3D Sonic game on a handheld, and the fact that the third Sonic game is in fact not coming this year.

Check out the high res version of a special piece of art Tracy did for us below. If you want a chance to commission him for a piece of SEGA art, you can enter into our SEGAbits Summer of Art Contest.

Swingin’ Report Show and Sonic Talk now on iTunes

Here it is, our sweet podcasts are now on iTunes. I know many of you have given us flack for not having them up, due to RSS problems  but guess what? Those are now a thing of the past. Well, not really, we are having some troubles on how it displays on iTunes. But hey, nothing is perfect. Check it out, subscribe and give us a review.

Swingin’ Report ShowSonic Talk

Thanks to everyone that listened, regardless of not having a iTunes set up. Thank Will for fixing up the RSS feeds for us, he is brilliant.

Swingin’ Report Show #40: Aliens Gone Wild

This week on the show George and Barry the Nomad sit down with the Sonic Talk duo Nuckles87 and Shigs. Listen to us talk about the new SEGA laptops, whine about Aliens: Colonial Marines and criticize the Playstation 4 announcement. Like every podcast, you can’t get us to shut up about Shenmue.

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Sonic Talk #9: Sonic 4 Episode II After Party

Sadly this episode is a few days late due to E3. But hey, I hope you guys are enjoying all this E3 content that is coming. The main man Ken Balough is back on Sonic Talk this week to talk to us more about Sonic 4: Episode II, now that the game is already out and we all played it, its an interesting talk. Like every week we have your weekly Sonic news, so take a break from all the E3 news and sit back for some Sonic Talk.


Sonic Talk Episode #8: ReDIMPStion

Welcome to a new episode of Sonic Talk with a subtitle everyone (but me) hates! This week, we talk about the possibility of an Episode 3, F4F’s new Modern Sonic statue, the speed that the summer of Sonic tickets sold, Sonic Universe #40 and why Ian Flynn’s Eggman is the BEST Eggman out here.

After all that, we go into a 1 & 1/2 hour discussion all about Sonic 4 Episode 2. All of us have played it and we give our thoughts on both the game and the Sonic series in general.


Sonic Talk Episode 7 “Transformed”

In this special episode of Sonic Talk, Shigs and Nuckles87 are joined by Sven Joscylene AKA Dreadnux (Sonic Stadium, Spong) to talk all things All-Star. All three of us have gotten our hands on the game and will be discussing it at length along with what our choices would be for racers and courses. Tell us your favorite Sega franchise you would like to see in the game by hitting the comment section.

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