Sonic Talk Episode #6: Ask Ian

Shigs and Ian at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Flynn Lives!

This week on Sonic Talk we got a very special guest as Archie Comic writer Ian Flynn is in the house. In case you don’t know, Ian Flynn is the writer on Several Archie books including The New Crusaders, Mega-Man, Sonic Universe and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog!

We’ve got almost 3 hours with main man behind the Sonic comics. Mainly, we’re talking all things ArchieSonic and other books, but we also talk about the latest Sonic Scuttlebutt, Sonic Universe #39 and give Sonic ’06 a thrashing with some interesting info provided by Ian. Go get some coffee cuz it’s gonna be a long one!

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7 responses to “Sonic Talk Episode #6: Ask Ian

  1. kidrat529 says:

    Hello, Ian! My little sis and big said hi! So what type of comics have you made? And what sonic person do you use the most?

  2. betablocker says:

    Umm can somebody please summarise the interesting info related to Sonic 06. I don’t have time to go through an hour long pod cast.

  3. Shigs says:

    The Sonic ’06 talk should be near the beginning.

  4. kidrat529 says:

    Big fan!

  5. betablocker says:

    I have suffered through 15 minutes did not hear anything useful.

    Aside from the weebit off Sonic 2HD being cancelled.

  6. Ian, you and SEGA have a lot of nerve to act like a bunch of jerks by saying comic Sonic can’t have a relationship with Sally or Amy…
    1:47:22 HEY!

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