NiGHTS into Sonic Lost World?!? – SEGA reveals The Deadly Six Edition

Well this is very much a “what the f***?!” piece of news! SEGA has released the Sonic Lost World Gamescom trailer with an added bit at the end showing off a special version of Sonic Lost World for Wii U dubbed The Deadly Six Edition which includes “deadlier game content” by way of The Deadly Six teaming up with NiGHTS bosses! Yes, you read that right. Sonic is going back to the world of NiGHTS and is taking on several bosses from the series. Give the video a watch and try to wrap your head around this crazy news! Currently the special edition of the game is only announced for the UK, but like Sonic & All-Stars Racing’s special edition a US version is likely to be revealed too.


6 responses to “NiGHTS into Sonic Lost World?!? – SEGA reveals The Deadly Six Edition

  1. SkyBlue says:

    I pre-ordered a few months back. Will I not get the LE? 🙁

  2. Will says:

    seeeep into the darkness

  3. Radrappy says:

    man with all this DLC and multiplayer, the game better be at least solid. Sometimes ST has weird freaking priorities.

  4. SonicFFVII says:

    it better come to america. this is so exciting seeing sonic dlc giving you a huge sega crossover to expand the game for more fun. i loved nights so much when i tried it on XBLA

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