Sonic Dash receives a Halloween update, battle Zazz of Sonic Lost World for a limited time

Hardlight Studio announced a surprise update to Sonic Dash this morning, adding to the game for a limited time a boss battle with Zazz of Sonic Lost World. The addition is big news for a few reasons, one being that the game now has boss battles which have been long requested by fans, the other reason being that Sonic Lost World is not even a month old and we’ve already seen the first instance of a new character from the game appearing in another Sonic title. Zazz’s boss battle appears to occur at random when hitting a spring to enter a new area. Players must first dodge stars from behind, then from ahead. Finally, Sonic and Zazz fly into the air and you must homing attack the Zeti to defeat him.

Hardlight Studio also promises a Sonic Lost World global challenge, once we learn more of what the challenge entails we’ll be sure to update this story. After the break, check out a few screens of Zazz in Sonic Dash .

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