RadioSEGA’s WinterFest returns, starting December 18th

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It’s the holiday season; and to ring it in, our friends at RadioSEGA are back with another WinterFest, after the success of last year’s event!

WinterFest consists of a bunch of community members getting together and playing radio shows about all aspects of SEGA, whilst holding giveaways and playing some awesome music from the long history of SEGA. It’s a big celebration of community spirit; sites such as SEGADriven and The Sonic Show are involved, and this year, we’re getting in on the action too!

Liam Ashcroft of This is Saturn (that’s me!) will be hosting a show for the event; about VOCALOID! VOCALAND with Tracker_TD” hits the air Saturday 19th December at 5pm GMT (12pm ET/9am PT). Be there!

Programming starts at 7pm GMT tomorrow, and you can catch the full press release from RadioSEGA after the jump.

RadioSEGA is proud to announce that it’s hosting the second edition of its
yearly community event: RadioSEGA’s WinterFest 2015.

From Friday, 18th of December to Sunday, 20th of December, in-house DJs will join forces with other community personalities offering listeners agreat variety of content throughout the weekend.

Following up on the success of the WinterFest 2014 event, RadioSEGA once
again has invited staff from other websites to take control of the stream and
join in on the fun! This year’s guests include The Sonic Show and Sega Does,
returning from last year, and SEGA Nerds, Caverns of Hope and SEGABits,
who will join the event for the first time, among many others.
Also returning are the weekend-long giveaways, courtesy of community and
gaming industry benefactors who generously donated amazing prizes.
The full programming schedule can be found here.

You can follow RadioSEGA on Twitter ( and
Facebook ( for real time updates on the
You can listen to RadioSEGA here:


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