Segabits at Round 1 Arcade

Hey folks, do you remember the newspost we put up about the Hatsune Miku game being tested near L.A. a few days ago? Well, it just happens to be at the closest mall near me. So, I set out and got some video.

It’s not just for Project Diva though, Round 1 is an AWESOME arcade. It’s a Japanese owned arcade franchise and it only has two arcades so far. Both in So Cal. They got Karaoke, Bowling, those Japanese photo booths, sit down fighting cabinets, tons of UFO catchers and most important, the newest video arcade games. This includes pretty much every light gun and racer game Sega’s made in the past ten years. It’s great for import Japanese games as well. From Initial D, Namco’s Mario Kart Arcade, Taiko Drum Master to many rhythm games including of course, Project Diva. Think Dave and Busters with a very Japanese flavor but with just some cafeteria food instead of a full restaurant.


7 responses to “Segabits at Round 1 Arcade

  1. That arcade looks like it has more Sega games then the Gameworks around where I lived in Phoenix. Did you win the Sonic?

  2. Trippled says:

    Why not post some impressions on some games, like the ones you’ve played enough. (or you could say enough about it)

  3. Shigs says:

    LOL No on the Sonic. Those UFO catchers are tough. They even give you tips on each machine, but they don’t help. I’ve rarely won anything on them.

    As far as impressions go. Your enjoyment of Project Diva depends entirely on whether you’re a fan of Hatsune Miku or not. It’s really just slapping large buttons to the music. Given the symbols it’s obvious it was meant for a Playstation system. Probably Vita. It’s a bit too simple for my tastes. Even medium or hard didn’t provide much challenge.

    • Centrale says:

      I think someone on Reddit revealed the secrets of “catcher” machines a while back. The strength of the crane is variable, and it regulates itself so it doesn’t give away too many or too few prizes within certain periods of time.

  4. Trippled says:

    Well, personally Miku isn’t really important since that been on consoles.

    Just wanna know about stuff like Operation G.H.O.S.T and I’m pretty sure I heard that Hummer racing game in the background…(Take down!)

  5. Sigma says:

    That were some awesome games there! Wish they had those kind of arcades where I live.

  6. Ben says:

    Wish I had one of those near me. =/

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