Puyo Puyo CharaGumin Series 3 figurines announced


SEGA has announced 4 more figurines in the Puyo Puyo series of CharaGumin, as part of Puyo Puyo celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. These figures are the announcement of Schezo Wegey, Witch, Raffine, and Suketoudara with a blue Puyo, ready to be assembled later this year.

A CharaGumin is essentially a beginner friendly model kit based on different characters from anime and video games, with the majority of details already filled in, allowing for quick assembling. All you need is super glue, sandpaper, clippers, degreaser, and some paint to fill in minor details. The amount of parts depends on the figurine, though figurines exceeding 100 are rare.

If you have no interest in these figures or want to start collecting these figurines, you can buy previous Puyo Puyo series CharaGumin containing Arle Nadja, Carbuncle, Amitie, Ringo Andou, Satan, Sig, Draco Centaur, and Onion Pixy, along with other miscellaneous CharaGumin, on the official CharaGumin website. There’s also other SEGA CharaGumin from series like Valkyria Chronicles and Sakura Wars if you’re interested. Still, the opportunity to assemble a fish with muscular legs is too good to pass up, baby.

[Source: SEGA Japan]


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