Fan recreates Burning Rangers with Unity

YouTube user, Andreas Scholl, demostrated a tribute demo of Burning Rangers, one of Sonic Team’s earlier titles for the Sega Saturn, through the use of the Unity Engine featuring a recreation of the first level and Tillis as a playable character.

He also adjusted the vertex coloring of the shader and the general light settings to resemble closer to the Sega Saturn visuals which is very impressive.

What are your thoughts on this demostration demo and would you like to see Burning Rangers remade for modern consoles the same as Panzer Dragoon and The House of the Dead? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


6 responses to “Fan recreates Burning Rangers with Unity

  1. Trezell Whack says:

    Any Sega IPs other than Sonic I’d like to see remade

  2. Elk says:

    Damn if that isn’t impressive. I love what this guy did here modernizing the graphics while still sticking somewhat to the Sega Saturn look.

  3. There’s a huge backstory to Burning Rangers that nobody has told.

    It began life as a totally different game based on an IP that Sega funded, and owned toy rights to.

    I’ll say this: All the characters in the game are dead ringers for other characters for a reason. And the reason it shipped in 1997-1998 was because of a series in 1995-1996.

    That all said, I am very excited for this project. Hopefully Sega backs it.

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