SEGA teams with Nike to present a run and jump Sonic mini-game

From the Sonic Stadium comes this cool bit of Sonic news. Nike Football and SEGA have teamed up to promote football shoes (soccer shoes to Americans), and to do this they’ve created a rather ingenious interactive video that unlocks a Sonic mini-game. The game features a modified Green Hill Zone with Splash Hill music in which Sonic runs forward, with the space bar acting as the only way to control him. Sonic can jump and double jump (what is this, Sonic Colors?) as well as execute a killer soccer attack not unlike his recent move in which he can blast a box forwards to kill a string of enemies as seen in Colors and Generations. After the break, learn how to access the game.

Binary Domain Promotion in Japan gets rather strange with Assult-Kun show

SEGA of Japan has always been known for its more alternate (And sometimes rather effective) marketing campaigns and this one for their up and coming third person squad based shooter Binary Domain is no different. Say hello to Assult-kun, a green humanoid robot working in an office as he deals with the dangers of the working enviroment as every other person.

In the above video him and his co-worker is being scolded by their manager, when the manager leaves, his co-worker writes “Die, Manager!” as she leaves, Assult-kun tries to clean the white board but realises she used permenant ink, horrified that his manager is returning, he turns it over only to realise even more insults on the otherside! Click after the break for a second video and know that SEGA’s (Strange) marketing for Binary Domain is well and truly underway!

SEGA promoting Sonic Generations via The Simpsons

SEGA is going to put in some big money for Sonic Generations advertisement. Starting October 1st through December 31st you will be able to catch Sonic Generation adverts when the Simpsons go to ad breaks. Yes, SEGA & Sonic Generation are sponsoring new Simpson episodes.

“It’s on air every single day of the week and at a perfect time of day for dads and sons to watch TV.40 per cent of boys will see the idents over 60 times, an incredible frequency.” – SEGA’s UK marketing director Amanda Far

It seems that this is only confirmed for the UK at least. They will air the adverts across SKY 1, SKY HD and SKY Anytime. As for US marketing, they haven’t played their cards right. Don’t think they will be spending big bucks like in the UK, where Sonic is more popular.

[Source: MCV]

Gran Turismo 5 used to have a Yakuza 3 ad

Gran Turismo 5 was suppose to have a nice Yakuza 3 advert, what happen? It got delayed, so much so that Yakuza 3 turned into a faint memory and SEGA moved on to Yakuza 4 and the upcoming zombie game. Oh, now the team is doing Binary Domain.

Now that Gran Turismo 5 is out, it has been reported to have sold 2.4 million copies in 4 days. SEGA should have taken them on the advert offer for Binary Domain and Yakuza of the End.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Alpha Protocol debuts tonight on 24

Tick-tock! The clock is ticking for Alpha Protocol’s marketing campaign. It seems that it will start tonight on 24. I usually dislike how SEGA markets their games, but this seems to be pretty fitting way to start it.

If you did not know, Jack Bauer was one of the influences in choices you can make. He was the ‘aggressive’ character. The other two influences were Jason Bourne and James Bond. Connection? All their first names start with J.

Alpha Protocol is coming out in the United States on June 1st on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.