SEGA teams with Nike to present a run and jump Sonic mini-game

From the Sonic Stadium comes this cool bit of Sonic news. Nike Football and SEGA have teamed up to promote football shoes (soccer shoes to Americans), and to do this they’ve created a rather ingenious interactive video that unlocks a Sonic mini-game. The game features a modified Green Hill Zone with Splash Hill music in which Sonic runs forward, with the space bar acting as the only way to control him. Sonic can jump and double jump (what is this, Sonic Colors?) as well as execute a killer soccer attack not unlike his recent move in which he can blast a box forwards to kill a string of enemies as seen in Colors and Generations. After the break, learn how to access the game.

To access the hidden game, do the following: Make sure you’re using a flash enabled browser, visit the Nike Football YouTube page, select your region, let the video load and watch it play. You will be able to click on the screen to unlock nine different pieces of content. You want the Sonic one, so wait until two thirds a way through the video. When you see this scene, click the ad in the background with the red/white shoe. You’ll be taken to the free mini-game, enjoy! In the comments, share your high scores.


6 responses to “SEGA teams with Nike to present a run and jump Sonic mini-game

  1. 31920 for me, distance 2,042

  2. Shigs says:

    This is basically Sonic the Sketch-hog, but with Sonic 1 graphics and Sonic 4-1 music.

  3. batfax says:

    34600 before I finally hit a pit. Good simple fun.

  4. Defender says:

    40280 score, distance 3198, then I fell in a pit. Anyone know if there’s an end?

  5. Mateus says:


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