Cranky Food Friends closing on March 31st, 2016


The SEGA mobile closures continue, as the infamous Puyo Puyo!! Quest reskin Cranky Food Friends is closing on March 31st. Both Cranky Food Friends and Puzzle & Glory were announced at the same time, but unlike Puzzle & Glory, Cranky Food Friends experienced a much harsher time. Not even getting past the soft release phase and having reports of being very buggy to the point of being game breaking, Cranky Food Friends being closed down was not a surprise. This is especially good in the case of Puyo Puyo fans out there still bitter about the game.

SEGA Studios Australia Shuts Down


Things have not been too hot in the video game industry lately. Over the course of the last three months we’ve seen THQ close its doors, LucasArts shuttered by Disney, and Hell Yeah! developer Arkedo cease video game development. Today unfortunately brings another name to the list: SEGA Studios Australia. SEGA has announced that the studio will be shutting down later this year.

Formerly known as Creative Assembly Australia, they were responsible for the critically acclaimed Medieval II: Total War. Besides their Total War video game they created Stormrise and London 2012

We at SEGAbits wish the developers all the best in their future endeavors.