SEGA gals collection 3 announced

SEGA gals collection 3 has been announced, this time with only four ladies joining the collection. Don’t know what this collection is about? Basically toys of SEGA’s female game characters.

– Fey-Yen (Cyber Troopers Virtual-On)
– Lushe Princess (7th Dragon)
– Opeko (Boarder Break)
– Maxima (“Next Tony Project”)

The collection will be released in August at the price of 1,540 yen for the set of four. To check out the last two collections, hit the jump…

[Thanks: STORM!]

SEGA Gals Collection 2

SEGA Gals Collection 1

[Figures in the wild here]


4 responses to “SEGA gals collection 3 announced

  1. I have collection 2, the best one in my opinion. 1 is worth it for Honey and the RAcaseal. Shame collection 3 is so small and only has one worthwhile character (Virtual On).

  2. derp, I meant I have collection 1.

  3. George says:

    Collection 1 is the best. I mean, look it has Ulala and Nei2nd. That has me sold.

  4. STORM! says:

    What? HIBANA is the best ever! Are u crazy?


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