New Sonic toys revealed at New York Toy Fair 2013


The super Sonic fans over at The Sonic Stadium have come across a bevy of photos from the Jazwares booth at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. Jazwares, who has the license for Sonic toys, has a few new items planned for release this year. While nowhere near as big as the 20th anniversary line of toys, some of the new toys are pretty cool. Spotted in the photos are Sonic branded disc shooters, Sonic and Shadow masks, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed figures of Shadow and Sonic with their vehicles in jet form, mini-figures of various All-Stars Racing Transformed vehicles, a life-size ring that lights up when held, and plushes of Metal Sonic, Silver and Super Sonic. To see more images, check out the article over at The Sonic Stadium!


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  1. Jazware is does a great job of getting out a huge amount of Sonic merch that I never got as a kid. But I just wish their toys were a little better constructed. My nephew instantly breaks the limbs off when playing, and putting them back together is just not the same. Hell I’ve broken a few just getting them out of package. Not to mention when I play with them!

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