Rarest Dreamcast collection ever?

All of us here at SEGAbits love huge collections and we all love the Dreamcast. So what about a super rare Dreamcast collection? Sounds like fapping material. Well it basically is.

bel303 over at the AssemblerGames forums has posted his Dreamcast collection and it is very very impressive. Go over there, stare and be jealous.

[Thanks: BarryNomad]


4 responses to “Rarest Dreamcast collection ever?

  1. Snowcat says:

    0_0 …. Oh my.

    ….Its beautiful

  2. DJ Fob Fresh says:


  3. Thanks for making this a posting! Gotta spread the jealousy.

    I hear he has Yukawa frozen in his basement.

  4. SufferLikeGDid says:

    That is amazing.

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