NPD: Both Resonance of Fate & Yakuza 3 fail to chart

I’m not shocked that Yakuza 3 didn’t make it into the Top 20 for the month of March. I’m a bit shocked that neither version of Resonance of Fate made it though.

I know, SEGA didn’t really advertise either and they released them in a ‘big month’ , but didn’t even do 100,000 units?  Spin it how you will, but SEGA made a pretty big deal about Resonance of Fate when it was announced.

[Source: Gamasutra]


6 responses to “NPD: Both Resonance of Fate & Yakuza 3 fail to chart

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    It was a big month for big name established franchises. I'm not surprised really. I think it would have been helpful to have released them over a slower game month.

  2. ImSmartUrDum says:

    Yakuza III seemed to be in the top 20 in 'GAME's chart section on the UK the other week when I visited a store, around number 17 if I remember correctly.

    Still of course, being at number 17 is not a bad place to be for a raped budget localisation of a game that's already broke even overseas.

  3. ImSmartUrDum says:

    I hasten to add though that I have not bought either game yet 🙁

    I'm really pinching pennies atm as I need to pay for several repairs to my home! >_<

  4. Sharky says:

    Cool post Aki-At good to see you were a good choice for posting chart and money related articles… oh wait.

  5. Sega Uranus says:

    Glad to see Resonance of Fate doing so poorly. Hopefully SEGA just tells tri-Ace to fuck off now.

    Yakuza 3 though, I think SEGA pushed it a fair bit considering the history of the franchise's sales in most of the world especially.

    I mean, when you think about it, SEGA put more marketing budget into it than they did almost all of the games they released last year. I am frustrated it does not do better outside Japan too, but I wish people would stop lying. SEGA pushed the game pretty hard. They have mentioned multiple times that they want the series to succeed in the rest of the world, sure they could do better, but in the hands of any other publisher I doubt they would have ever even considered trying.

    SEGA = <3

  6. SufferLikeGDid says:

    Is Resonance of Fate really that bad of a game because I'm want to play it but I keep hearing nothing but negativity. It's very offputting but I've bought games that were panned before and I enjoyed those more than I thought I would.

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