SEGA Deals: Bayonetta and AvP $29.99 at K-Mart

You like cheap games? Have a K-Mart near buy that is still opened? You will be able get Bayonetta and Aliens vs. Predator for $29.99 each, on your choice of PS3 or 360.

Not your thing? They also have Final Fantasy XIII. Whats Final Fantasy you ask? I don’t know either.  The prices will take effect on May 4th and last till May 10th. So save your pennies!

[Via Destructoid]


One response to “SEGA Deals: Bayonetta and AvP $29.99 at K-Mart

  1. SufferLikeGDid says:

    Looks like another deal I won't be able to get anything out of. Not having money sucks.

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